Rochester, NY T-Cell

Approx. 25 Rochester Institute of Technology T-men looking to start T-Cell and possible prostitution cartel. PM inquiries.

Just kidding about the prostitution.

Geez. I’d be outnumbered by a bunch of kids from RIT.

Jokin’. Sounds good to me. I work on Pinnacle, just south of Jefferson. Practically in RIT’s stomping ground.

You know anyone else in the area that would be up for it?

I’m from Rochester…Went to UR, but graduated in 2001…

I’d go, fill me in on details.

How close is Rochester to Albany or Saratoga Springs?

About 3 hours, KyleWitter99!

If you’re pretty fast on the NYS Thruway, you’ve still got a 3-hour drive to/from either place.

sounds good guys… i’ll keep you all posted. Some plans in the works are a USAPL sanctioned meet at RIT in the spring… Anyone interested in that?

I can think of some people that would be from my gym, Flex…

Keep me posted.

You mentioned Flex. Are you in Canandaigua or Farmington? I live in Clifton Springs.