Rob's 5/3/1 here we go

I guess from looking I’m not original with my 5/3/1 Wendler Method…

Well here is an intro to me… I have lifted off an on for a few years in HS… Got out, got fat… went on an extreme caloric deficit because I didn’t know any better and was to lazy to really reach it…

Fast forward… I gained about 40lbs after my motorcycle accident (205 @ 5’8")6 months ago… I broke my back, dislocated all my fingers and broke my wrist… I decided to diet down ( Last 3 months) and work on what I could with the limited use of my back… Now I’m about 95% back to myself and ready to restart this

Bf%… ?
Bench: 245 lbs
Squat: 225 lbs
Dead: 320 lbs
OH: 140lbs
Pullups- (palms out) 20 BW… or 3 with 75lbs+BW

I want to get my squats up along with my deads… I have been a T-Nation reader since 2004, and didn’t remake a name when the site did it’s overhaul… so that is why I’m an 09er

I know I know little to nothing about weight training and look forward to any comments/criticisms

Here is me today (3 months of training since that first picture)

I started this log late… I am on week three of 5/3/1

Overhead- 115x5, 120x3, 130x3; Need wraps for my wrist. 130 felt good, I couldn’t do the forth rep… Not going to do lockouts (since reading that thread here as I want to work more on delts then tri’s)

Dips- (30lbs) 5x10… Was kinda hard, I leaned back to focus more on the triceps then leaning forward and working on the chest. Wrist was a bit irritated

Pullups- (27.5lbs) 6,6,5,4,6… I was going to try for 50 total reps, however I played volleyball last night and my back/shoulders were exhausted coming in today. Will learn to balance my time/rest

Today was Deadlift


Deadlift: 275x5, 290x3, 305x5. I have to say 305 wasn’t to bad, left hand was giving me problems even with the strap but doubt I could of gotten a 6th rep

Goodmornings:(95lbs) 5x10… I think I could do 105lb without a problem, lower back was very tired tho after the fourth set

BB Shrugs: 2x15 205lbs (with straps)

Donkey Calf raises: 90lbs, 2x50… I need to up the weight, doing it with the Ironmind dip belt…

All in all a good day, however my lower back was definitely sore after the goodmornings. Looking forward for my bench and squat days as I think I can definitely up the weight.

We shall see

Whew what a day today was…

BB Bench: 190x5, 205x3, 215x3… I have to say that I felt good on the 215, felt a little tough on the left wrist however it held up very well. The last rep was a ball buster, had a problem right before lockout…

Kroc Rows: 60lb DB, 1x30… biceps felt very tired after these…

Dips (leaning a bit forward) 35lb+BW- 3x10… the last set with the last couple of reps were very tough.

Ab Rollout- 4x10 (on knees) these never get any easier it feels like. Trying to make the transition to standing on my feet, however I don’t see that happening anytime soon

All in all a good day. I think that Squats are going to be brutal. Been doing CT’s protocol (sorta)

-30 2 scoops SWF
-10 1 Scoop Surge Recovery (5g Creatine)
During 1 Scoop Surge Recovery (5g Creatine)

I definitely feel like I can go longer, however I feel all the liquid sloshing around in my belly and sometimes it feels like I’m going to throw up. Going to keep trying it for 3 more weeks and if it still feels like that, I will probably stop

Today was a good day… I really want to try an push my squats up, kinda embarrassed that my BP is as good as my squat

Squat: 195x5, 210x3, 225x3

—The last one was a bit tough, form was definitely going south midway. Getting out of the hole is really difficult for me, but once I’m out I actually can have the weight leave my shoulders I’m coming up so fast. I don’t know if thats normal or if that is something I need to work on

SLDL-185lbs 3x10… This wasn’t bad, however my lower back was tight after this. I really didn’t want to do lunges or step ups…

Leg curls 40lbs 2x10 and 30lbs 1x10… my calf started to cramp up with the 40lb DB

Ab pulldown 90lbs 4x10

All in all a good day. I really want to try and bring that squat up so I’m going to try and work on that a bit more. I really like this program I just want that squat higher than Deads and Bench…

Just have to be constant.

Well I decided to go against deload week, I will take one at the end of this month

Military Press: 115x5, 120x5 and 130x4
-These felt real good and my shoulder didn’t seem to hurt. I tried some DC Extreme Stretching of my shoulder and that seemed to really help, I do that every other day

T-Bar rows- (3 plates)1x10, 1x9, 1x10, 1x8

  • I really like these rows, I feel them in the bottom parts of my lats, I did have a little body english on a few of the reps

Incline BP- 155lbs 3x6, 1x5

  • I need to practice on these a bit more, I felt like I was rowing the weight instead of lowering and pushing it straight up

Felt pretty good, for some reason I am pretty tired today. I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t sleep well last night or to many carbs (they seem to make me very sleepy)

Today was Deads

Deadlift: 260x5, 280x5, 300x7
-This felt easy, I set a new max of 350 and going to work from there…

Shrugs: 3x10 (210)
-This wasn’t to easy, I tried to hold at the top for 1-2 seconds, did most of the reps, tho some fell short

Donkey Calf Raises- 2x40 (100lbs)

Ab Wheel 4x10

you went from that… to THAT in 3 months? crazy man, props to you. keep at it!

[quote]mpenix wrote:
you went from that… to THAT in 3 months? crazy man, props to you. keep at it![/quote]

Lol I appreciate it. It was definitely a challenge and I didn’t think it was going to be that hard of work.

Awesome work, man! I just started 5/3/1 last week and I’m loving it so far.

[quote]jd_dd wrote:
Awesome work, man! I just started 5/3/1 last week and I’m loving it so far.[/quote]

When you do your accessory work, do you use the same work week in and out?

Well I let my Alligator mouth overload my bulldogs ass, jumped kinda high in my bench. I set the goal for 250 (even tho I pushed up 245, it wasn’t easy but it didn’t break me)

Bench: 190x5, 200x5 and 215x4
-I form was going south quick after the 2 rep in my last set…really got me. After this cycle I’m going to reset and redo this same goal (250lbs)

Dips:(35bls)+BW 3x10, 1x8
-I noticed last week I only did 3x10 with 35lbs so I felt I should add one more set in. The last set I had to pause at the top on the 6th rep and could only get 2 more.

Wide Pull ups: 30lbs+BW… 4x6
-I really want to get good at these. I feel like I’m not able to move up as quickly with these so I think I’m going to stay with the 4x6 scheme and see where that takes me

Skull Crushers: (50lbs) 4x10
Well I don’t have a tricep pushdown machine, so I decided to use these. I felt these in my elbows more than I felt them in my tris (Tho I did feel them in my tris) Thought form looked good, will take another look next week and go from there

I was running through this workout. I finished my Pull ups 30 minutes into my workout and I wanted to make sure I got at least 45 minutes in the there that’s why I added the Skull Crushers.

I also did some stretching (shoulders, chest) after Bench and dips, however when I did my chest, it really took a lot out of me, chest was very tired

Well today was definitely one of the harder days…My legs felt on fire

Squat: 195x5, 210x5 and 220x5
-After the second set I didn’t think I could do but 2 on the last set with 220, however I took a few deep breathes and took it one at a time and needless to say I got it. I really wanted 1 more however I didn’t have a spotter and didn’t want to take the chance.

Front squats: 135lbs 4x6
-I decided to do front squats because I really want to get my squat ups. I’m tired of having my squats and bench pretty much 20lbs within each other. These weren’t bad, however I kept switching from a clean grip to a cross armed grip and I just couldn’t get comfortable. I will try to play around more with these

Good Mornings: 135 4x6
-After learning proper form I was able to jump up 40lbs on this. Legs were really tired so this definitely was hard.

Ab Wheel: 4x10
-Today these were really easy. I was able to just get the 4 sets out of the way pretty quickly

My legs are definitely tired, every time I walk, my knees sorta buckle. Makes me really happy that I didn’t give up on the last set of back squats and this feeling in my legs.

Well today was ok… it was hot as hell outside (92 degrees with 60% Humidity) so I was sweating like a whore on pay day…

Military Press: 125x3, 130x3 and 140x2 (with 1 push press)

  • Well I have to say it felt great to push up 140 twice, since I was thinking 155 was my max

T-bar Rows- 4x10 (137.5lbs)

  • As always this felt great, I definitely feel this more in my lower lats, right under the ribs. This is quickly becoming a favorite

Incline- 160lbs 3x6

  • The first set felt great, after that I just kept loosing steam

Skull Crushers- 55lbs 4x10

  • Felt easy, again I’m feeling it a lot in my elbows. I’m not letting them flare out, it’s just I feel most of the pressure in my elbows and it’s uncomfortable. I might have to stop these

All in all a good day. I feel great because I keep setting my goals of getting stronger everyday (which is a cheesy outlook) however I just really want that 185lbs Military and then 225lbs

Tomorrow is deads and I’m looking forward to it. I feel like I’m improving the most on these and even tho I’m at 350x1 I feel like in a couple of months I will be at 405. We shall see

Well today I came close to passing out. The heat/humidity hit me pretty hard and I was soaked.

Deadlift- 280x3, 300x3 and 315x7
I couldn’t believed I got 315 for 7 reps. Every rep from start to finish felt heavy.

Shrugs- 205 2x10
-All I can say these felt alright, still tough to hold them at the top

SLDL-225lbs 4x10
-My back was so tired after deadlift. Every time I got to the last rep as soon as I put the weight down I felt dizzy. Really felt it in my hams tho

Calf Raises: 4x30 (110)
-Legs started to cramp, just pushed through it and was able to get all the reps

Ab wheel- 4x10

Other than the heat, this workout torn me up. When I got to the showers to clean off, my legs were shaking. I really felt good about this workout today. Will come back Thursday with Bench and see what I can do

Congrats on the transformation!

Your deadlift is by far your best lift, do you reset on every rep or touch and go style?

The first set is a reset because I have to re grip (my fingers aren’t that strong). The last two sets I touch and go with straps to get the most out of it I can

I appreciate the kind words. Your log is one of the few I go to for accessory work and motivation… I wish I could get my squats close to yours and I didn’t see how you recouped after your hockey games to do Deads and Squats…

Also, how is that program you made working out for you? (Oh and a late congrats for you sticking with 5/3/1 for a year…)

Well Bench was today it was definitely a good one…

BB Bench:200x3, 215x3 and 225x2
-Like I said before I am going to redo this or maybe add 5 pounds after this cycle. I didn’t follow the 90% rule, and after this cycle I might move my max up 5lbs. We shall see

Chins: 35lbs+BW 1x8, 1x6, 2x5
-I lost steam after the 2 set. I want to try and stay in the 4x6 range and I did this before dips and I have to say, when I do dips and then go to chins, I am tired and weak. However when I do chins first I seem to have more in me

Dips: 35lbs+bw 4x10
-This was brutal, I took about 1- 1 1/2 minute(s) for rest during each set and going as low as I can. I might do what Apostate is doing and video parts of my workout.

Curls: 65lbs 4x10
-I just wanted to do more accessory work since I saw that I had only worked out for 30 mins and wasn’t “exhausted”

Skull Crushers: 55lbs 4x10
-As always these are to bad, I will up the weight next week and see where I am. I could feel like a pulling sensation in my right arm in my triceps and I could tell I needed to rest

I measured my arm after this workout because my arms were pumped… and it is the biggest I’ve had in my life…

16 1/16"… I tried to take a picture however it was on a camera phone and I will try to get a clearer one later (possibly next week when I do this workout

I know it’s hard to see… however I can see that I’m growing which is what I wanted…

Oh and the red stuff is hives, I break out during humid heat seasons