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Rob's 2021 Contest Prep Log - Round 3

Still doing two weekly refeeds?

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For now, yes. I know eventually one of those will go away, for now we’ve been able to achieve slow and steady loss and are keeping them both in as long as possible.

Week 8 begins! Still didn’t have much scale loss this week, made a couple more significant nutritional and cardio tweaks to keep things moving.

New Regular Day Macros 140c, 220p, 53f (20g less carbs per day)
Re-Feed Day Macros 305c, 190p, 51f (macros are the same, but now only one re-feed per week instead of two.)

Also added a second 15min LISS session per week.

Here’s my latest meal plans I made using Cliff’s macros. Now that cals are getting lower, I’ve made two plans, one similar to the one I’ve been doing with my “blueberry ice cream” creation as my pre-bed meal, and another where the last meal is steak and potato instead if I’m feeling like I want a more filling meal. I thoroughly enjoy playing nutritional jujitsu to figure out how to keep my meals filling and enjoyable.

Starting week 3 of Phase 2 of the training program Cliff gave me. Today was legs and it took two hours and fifteen minutes. The other workouts take about an hour fifteen to an hour thirty, but there’s a ton of volume today and I take long rest periods for the bigger exercises. Strength has improved nicely over the prep, and over the course of the past few weeks on this program as well. Today’s session:

Machine Leg Press - 4x30: 8 plates x 30, 8 plates x 30, 10 plates x 30, 10 plates x 30
Leg Ext- 4x 30, 20, 15, 8: 120x30, 130x20, 150x15, 200x8
Lying Leg Curls- 4x30,20,15,8: 30x30, 40x20, 50x15, 60x8 - This machine REALLY isolates the hamstrings well, going heavier would have used too much momentum in the body.
Squat- 4x6 PR TODAY!: 325x6, 335x6, 345x6, 365x6 <— PR!
DB Walking Lunges- 3x 15 steps each leg: 35lb dumbbells x 3 sets of 30 steps
Hip Adduction Machine- 4x10-12: 40lb cables x 12 each leg, my gym doesn’t have an adductor machine so I purchased ankle straps and hook them up to the cable machine.
Hip Abduction Machine- 4x10-12: 90 x 12, 4 sets
Hip Thrust Machine - 4x30: 70 x 30, 4 sets
Seated Calf Raises- 3x30: 70x30, 3 sets
Calf Raises on Leg Press- 3x30: 90x30, 3 sets

This week is the last week of this phase, then 3 full days off of training, then we begin Phase 3 which is going to be very high volume, with both progressive overload only days, and blood volume only days. Been a good break during Phase 2 not doing any blood volume training, ready to hit it hard next week when we start Phase 3.

There’s an OCB show on May 15 in Austin that we’ve been targeting. I definitely want to do more than one show. Another one just popped up in Houston, also OCB, on March 27, which would be 18 weeks out. After speaking with Cliff about the March show, we’re going to wait until the end of December to see where I’m at and then decide if we’re going to pull the trigger on dialing in for March. As it’s our first time working together, he’s not sure quite yet if he can say with confidence I will be peeled by end of March, May 15th for sure. I agree with his assessment. The possibility of starting to push harder now for 18 weeks, tentatively not come in fully dialed in, and then having to dig harder for another 6 weeks would be rough, and more similar to what has happened in previous years and something I’d like to avoid. While we have cut macros more and increased cardio a little, we’re still trying to take our time so I have plenty of gas in the tank when it does come time to push harder. So, we’ll see where the scale and conditioning is at by New Years, and take it from there.


What are you treating yourself to on your refeeds?

The inclusion of your 16g IntraFormance is interesting. I looked it up. It has a few amino acids too, not sure why you don’t count those? But, it is a very minor amount of carbs. Has Cliff made any comments on it being enough to even illicit a physiological response? I presume you take it to protect muscles during training as a consequence of insulin elevation as opposed to being a fuel source because ~40 calories isn’t that much in terms of energy output.


I have 25 lbs on you and you outsquat me by a lot despite being in the middle of a contest prep and doing it in fourth exercise :’(

I relaly have to work more, nice reality check here!

Following this, for sure there will be some nuggets!


I forgot to highlight that, pre-fatigued from previous exercises makes it an even more remarkable PR.


Re-feed days I thoroughly enjoy a massive banana-pancake breakfast with egg whites, veggies and melted cheese to start things off. Pre-bed meal is my usual “blueberry ice cream” topped with two servings of Nick’s Ice Cream (low cal, no added sugar and very tasty) along with a serving of Lily’s chocolate chips (sugar free and also very good).

I have an alternate breakfast if I’m not feeling pancakes in the form of a huge breakfast skillet with potatoes, peppers and onions, eggs, lots of melted cheese, and an Ezekiel English muffin with cream cheese

If I eat this for breakfast there are slight alterations in the rest of the day to ensure I meet total numbers.

Primary purpose is to provide a little extra fuel for training with high glycemic carbs. 10g carbs is not a ton, but in his experience still beneficial. And yes there are a few grams of EAA’s as well, which he wants in my intra-workout drink.

Primarily to provide a little extra fuel for the workout, and the EAA’s before and during training help with muscle protection and recovery. Again it’s not a ton here, majority of my carbs come from food, in Cliff’s experience 10g intra-workout is worth prescribing.

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@aldebaran @Voxel Thank you for the support gentlemen!

That leg day is fucking insane :scream:


LOL it really is, I’ve never had to roll out of a leg press machine before this session. When I started training I was very into higher volume workouts, including the Leroy Colbert Full Body Plan:

Only 3 workouts a week, but the sessions took a really long time.

The volume Cliff has me building up to I haven’t done in years, but the three phase program he gave me is very well structured for both size and strength, as well as the ability to ramp up volume. That being said, we train to recover from training, and he’s told me to definitely let him know if I feel the training is ever at a point where it’s more volume than I can recover from. That hasn’t happened yet as cardio is pretty low still and I have two days off per week, get 8 hours of sleep a night, so recovery has been good. Additionally I’m able to listen to my body and if I ever really, really need an extra day off, I can take one. I would imagine if that does happen it’ll be way later in the prep and a lot closer to show time.

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Thanksgiving on a prep! This is the first time I’ve ever prepped during Thanksgiving, previous competitive seasons I have started prepping on Jan 1. As I’m still 17.5 weeks out of my tentative first show Cliff said I could enjoy within reason, but to be very careful and mindful. I ate very light until dinner to leave extra macros available. Breakfast was egg whites and veggies, small amount of cheese with one piece of Ezekiel toast, lunch was tuna, so I had plenty of macros left for dinner. I didn’t weigh any food but kept a careful eye and enjoyed a little bit of everything I wanted, loaded up primarily on turkey, and also took an extra 30min walk during the day. Back to business today!