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Rob's 2017 Contest Prep Thread


You guys should watch some business and sales training guys on social media.

Grant Cardone puts out 3 YouTube videos and like 20 tweets a day. On top of running 5 businesses. I can’t imagine doing that much just to bombard your audience.

Attention is currency though.


Maybe but I think that’s changing. Youtube has dramatically changed their payment policies, and people increasingly seem to be on to the “coaches” who claim to have hundreds of monthly clients (everyone eventually realizes they’re all getting the exact same plans despite claims of customized programs).

I see plenty of IG folks with tens of thousands of followers yet nothing on their profile besides a few butt pics accompanying irrelevant captions (“great arm workout today!” - sticking ass in the camera lens obscuring all else.) I fail to see how that’s worth anything. I would think that Even guys who just wanna check out some lewd pics more than likely won’t buy anything advertised on a social media page.



To an extent, no doubt. Grant Cardone is incredible, I’m listening to The 10X Rule in the car. I am sure many of his business are running on auto pilot with the right people in place, people don’t become that successful without delegating, and I’m sure he has someone tweeting for him too, and some are also probably his own. Also, he sells books, products, his product is himself, so it makes sense for him to make sure he’s seen as often as possible.



Success is your obligation. Set unreasonable goals. Massive consistent activity. Good book.

I guess another difference between him and the fitness folks Stu is complaining about is he’s actually done something. When you think about it in the fitness world that would mean learning from top competitors, or actual competitors at all.

Maybe you and Stu could do an example prep series. Take a client you know is going to work hard and post a video every week with his pics for 20 weeks. Every week explain tweaks to the training and diet. Explain the why. I’d watch that.