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Rob's 2017 Contest Prep Thread


Yeah pretty much like this. I don’t have his hair though, although my chest and back hair will make up for it. Probably throw on some leg warmers too.


Crossfit Challenge Update: Got a confirmation call today for my interview tomorrow, when they reminded me about the place, time, and then quickly informed me if accepted, it would only cost me $250. At that point, I respectfully declined. Would I put myself through that for free? Sure, learn a new workout style and shed some pounds. Would I pay $250 for someone else to put a nutrition plan together for my that I could easily do myself, while throwing away 6 weeks worth of current gym membership money to kill myself doing Crossfit? No, no I wouldn’t. Back to the gym for chest :laughing:


Sounds like a very wise call to me


Lmao!!! :wink:



Did a free trial one at a place by me on Long island and it was cool no doubt but the rates are absurd. I pay my 41.80 every month for my gym and couldn’t be happier! Rob we are overdue for training and eating! Much love to you, Katie, and the pups!


Rob, I must have missed it along the way, or miss understood. I thought you said you were taking a break from the stage because you’d been in a deficit for so long.


@joshbenjamin yeah we are man! Maybe we can plan for a weekend soon?

@cruusial - I am, I’m still training on a 5-day split and sticking to a nutrition plan that puts me roughly at maintenance, and a slight surplus some days, but won’t be competing this year. After being in a deficit for the better part of 2 years, I’d like to be able to make some serious progress in my physique, and enjoy the gym without it becoming obligatory. Primarily, too much going on with my business and family to make it happen.


My chest hasn’t felt sore in a while, and I am feeling it today from Monday! I added in a superset at the end from my days on the Indigo programs. This was on a flat bench, dumbbell powerflyes right into wide grip bench. Didn’t take a ton of weight to get the job done, 3 sets of that and I was pretty toasted, then finish out with hammer strength flat bench.

Overall concentrating on very slow negatives for the past couple weeks has been a great change of pace, and I feel like it’s gotten me to “refocus” on the proper tension necessary to make solid gains. For a while in the gym, even though I have a solid MMC and know I am initiating movement with the working muscle and keeping it tense, I didn’t get a serious pump and just figured after a while in the gym maybe that stops happening. But, turns out just had to slow down a bit!


@robstein loved your log bro and congrats on the wins… if you ever get the chance to check out my log it’d be awesome :smile:


Hey gang! Man, it’s been a while, I can’t believe how quick the time has flown by. I apologize for the long hiatus in my posting, this whole real life without prepping thing really eats up so much of the day.

The writing business is going well and has had me at the computer pumping out as much music as possible. Took on some extra coaching clients, one competing and 4 others just trying to cut up for summer. The biggest factor, however, has been a new business venture that has consumed most of my working hours for the past month, but is well worth it.

Recently it occurred to me that I don’t want to spend all day every day in front of a computer if I can avoid it. I do love writing and will never stop, but if I could somehow do less of it, and still provide good income and security for my family, that would be optimal. My father is a very successful investor of real estate, he’s been doing it for over 30 years. So, he’s taken me under his wing, and for the past month and a half my hard focus has been investing in real estate. It’s a lot to learn, but if you’ve been following along with my logs over the years, you know I have an addictive personality, and when I get an idea I’m excited about, I become pretty obsessive and give it everything I have. It can be a double edged sword in that it does take away time from “real life,” which I deem to be family time and spending time on making memories with my loved ones. But, I do believe this tendency I have is also what’s allowed me achieve success at my endeavors, and more work now is more freedom later. It’s been going very well, got a couple rental properties in my portfolio and hoping to continue to increase that to the point where we can live off the income.

Pretty interesting how it’s affected my training and nutrition. Before getting involved in this I was 6 days a week, no matter what. Now, my schedule is not as consistent and I spend more time running around, making calls, seeing properties, etc. Less time to train, and less time to eat. I still train 4-5 days a week no matter what, but strength has gone up because I’ve had more recovery, and I’ve lost about 7 pounds in the past 5 weeks because I haven’t been eating as much. A happy accident, as I was in maintenance mode for a while and wanted to cut, and this got the job done. I was 160-161 around New Years, currently sitting 153-154.

I’ll be spending more time on the forums now, I hope everyone is doing well and kicking ass in 2018!


I want to know everything you learn about RE investing. I ownly own 1 property now and I’m a rank amateur. I see it as the best vehicle to build wealth and a legacy for your family.

Good luck.


lol, damn that “real life” stuff!

Very cool brother. I was wondering where you’d disappeared to! All about keeping the plates spinning as well as you can, but with an eye on that big picture.



We seem to be on the same track; I’m hoping to secure a 2nd home this month which will allow us to begin renting our current home (short-term, vacation rental). good luck, and good to hear from you!


Wow that was a fantastic answer and relevant strategies that apply for many many other opportunities. Thank you for writing out such a well thought out and valuable post! (the post above about how you got started in your music career)


@Basement_Gainz - You are absolutely right about that! Would love to hook up and talk shop. The top recommendation I have, if you’re not already doing it, is to become a pro member at biggerpockets.com. It’s like the T-Nation of REI. If you take enough time to read, learn, view the webinars, you can learn everything you need to know, hook up with others, etc. Well worth it.

Right!? Pretty crazy how life takes so many turns year after year. Gotta hook up again soon for a Minados and gym session!

Congrats man, that’s awesome! Best of luck, keep us updated.

@isaac_allen thank you very much, I’m glad it was helpful! Thanks for reading!


Super sore today. A couple weeks ago my wife and I started a new training split, Tuesday is “hips and glutes” day, she got a workout from T-Nation and we went through it. I’m definitely the only guy I’ve seen in the gym doing these exercises, but even in just a couple weeks I’ve noticed better stability in my squat, no knee issues, and when I flex my glutes I just feel like there’s “more” there if that makes sense. As I’m not competing anymore and time marches on, I’m becoming more focused on adding more training just for life, mobility and health, in conjunction with the standard bodybuilding I love. Don’t neglect hips and glutes!


I have a friend or two that are into the REI and it definitely is a very cool investment strategy that I’d be lying if I said I knew anything about. Good luck on that front!

Don’t keep this secret from us. Link! My wife has been talking about trying a new program, and of course, that is one area she would like to target (am I will not object).


Happy to!

Stumbled upon this granola and it is AWESOME! My mom ordered, didn’t like it (lucky for me) and gave me two bags. No sugars, all fiber carbs, little fat, and protein from egg whites. Great ingredients and macros!

On another note, the local WNBF contest I’ve competed in the past two years is coming up again. While I’m not competing, I am prepping someone in my gym for it, and was asked by the host if I would present trophies this year. I certainly will, and I’m honored he asked. It’ll sure feel weird to be there and not competing, but will be great to support everyone there, see my client kick butt in his first show, and see some other folks I’ve met over the years that will be competing there again.


Awesome! I did that a few times and it’s such. Weird experience being on the stage, fully clothed especially.



Haha only a bodybuilder would say something like that :joy:

@robstein you should do a mini cut before the event so that you can show the competitors up!