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Rob's 2017 Contest Prep Thread


As always, thanks for the detailed reply. Its motivating to see your before pics and compare then to how you are now. But everything in this thread has been motivating.

Regarding the abs: that is pretty much how I uave been working them…about 2x a week, ince loaded and once body weight, so thats good to hear. I feel like overall I probably have some decent ab development, as I can see the top 3-4 depending on lighting, even with a good layer of pudge sitting on top of them.



I’ve made literally 0 progress since a couple surgeries 5-6 years back (I have some well detailed log books to prove it lol) and feel like Im at a loss as to why. I’m not anywhere near being a actual competitor and just want to make some progress like I did before my surgeries. It might be time for me to get a different level of help from someone, because despite being pretty obsessive and thinking about training way more than is “normal”, and despite learning from knowledgeable people on these forums its all resulted in nothing for me. Are you taking on clients like me, basically non-competitors? If yes, where can I contact you at and learn more?


@dnh36 thank you man!

That’s awesome, if you can see a loose 4 pack without being crazy lean, that’s a good sign. Nothing special with ab training, just keep doing it, and make sure to always engage a tight mid section during all of your exercises, regardless of the muscle being worked. And remember, nothing makes abs look great like being lean!


@staystrong - Thanks so much for reaching out! I do have some availability right now if you want some more info. I’m always excited to do a contest prep with someone, but the majority of my clients are non-competitors. Recently just started working with another guy on here, similar to yourself, that works hard but needs some direction. Please feel free to email! It’s my username at Verizon dot net.


Just sent you an email. I’ll apologize again for it being pretty wordy, I have a tendency to do that and really made myself cut things out believe it or not lol.

Looking forward to your reply, I know you’re busy so perfectly understand if it takes you awhile to get to it.


These were taken during yesterday’s session, weight was 157.6, today got a new low of 156.4. I think this is the best conditioning I’ve had at this weight. My goal when I started cutting about 7 weeks ago was to lose ~10lbs and get down to ~155, I started at 165. So, fortunately things seem to be on point, another pound and a half to go. It really hasn’t been too bad, aside from the weekly HIIT workout. I do not like HIIT, but there’s no doubt it works.

It’s been a very manageable cut. Carbs have been at breakfast (30-50g), pre workout (60g) and every night before bed (25-30g). Around 1800 cals a day, 20-30min post workout cardio, and one weekly HIIT workout. 2 low days a week, plus a re-feed day where we go out to dinner (typically Greek food) and enjoy a couple pints of Halo Top.

I’m leaving next week for some business travels, will be in Nebraska for 5 days, back home for a week, then California for 2 weeks. I already have my gyms mapped out, am active all day long and keep my nutrition on point. I bring Finibars for breakfast before the gym, usually get a sandwich post workout, clean dinner and some Metabolic Drive before bed. Usually throughout the trip there are a couple meals out with the folks I’m working with, maybe a beer or two, but since I’m training every day and staying active I don’t stress over it. I never ever drink, because I’d rather eat my cals and don’t really like beer or alcohol that much, so one or two beers a year isn’t going to hurt lol. I always get a hotel room with a fridge to keep the essentials in there and make sure nutrition is solid. For me, it’s not an inconvenience, it’s enjoyable and I love the aspect of being on the road and still living the lifestyle. Last year, the day I got to California, I woke up ass early, hour drive to the airport, 6.5 hour flight non-stop, hour and change car ride to the hotel, and had a few hours before my first rehearsal. Take a nap? Nah, went to the grocery store to get the essentials, went to the gym, and then to rehearsal. I LOVE IT!

My original plan was to cut to ~155, then go to maintenance until February when the prep would start. Since I’ve been able to lose a steady pound and change a week on my current plan, which has been totally sustainable, when I get back from my trips I’m going to keep cutting on my same plan and see how lean I can get before getting to the point of feeling inconvenienced by it. IF I can get down to 150 or below on this plan, then a prep should be much more manageable if I only have to lose 10-12lbs. Last year I was 141lbs before peak week and went on stage at ~139 after depletion. Upper body was on point, hams, glutes looked good, but quads still weren’t as good as they needed to be. Visible separation, but the hard/dry look wasn’t there. So, we’re thinking we should aim for ~137-138 before peak week. Knowing I’ve put on some solid pounds of LBM, that should put me in a place to be dialed in from head to toe.


All good brother, I’m always writing a book when I plan to write just a quick update lol! Emailed ya back.


Send you an email and then log on here and find out you’re gonna be in my neck of the woods soon. Weird coincidence lol, let me know if I can help you out at all for your trip here!


BOOM! 155.0 this morning! That was the high end of my goal when I started cutting 8 weeks ago, 153-155. So, lost 10lbs in just under 8 weeks, and currently sitting 15lbs from stage weight. It’s just awesome to have learned enough about my body, nutritional needs, etc., to be able to have that goal, come up with a plan, execute it, and make it happen. It’s been very manageable and hasn’t felt inconvenient or the slightest bit of “suffering” at all. Since I’m still losing at a comfortable pace, I’m just going to keep this plan going and see how low I can get with it.


Dude your lats look awesome!


@kleinhound thank you very much bro! Much appreciated!


Here’s a pic of my weight log, I thought it’s been 8 weeks but it’s been 7. Just showing the fluctuations that occur daily, but overall pattern of weight loss is there.


Awesome chest workout today, hit 2 PR’s. After hitting quads, delts and arms twice a week for almost 3 months, switched back to a standard 5 day split last week, hitting everything once a week now. Sessions are shorter and feel great. This set was my 4th set.
90sx12, 100sx12, 110sx8 (PR, I’ve done 110s before but only 3-4) and ended here with 115s, never lifted 115s before, had a spotter so went for it.


New low today, 153.8, just in time as I’m sitting at the airport waiting for my flight. The goal 7.5 weeks ago was to end up 153-155, sitting right in the middle at 154, 11lbs down. As I’m getting leaner I can tell I’ve definitely put on some quality mass. Even on lower carbs I’m looking bigger and leaner than I did last year at this weight, vascularity is a lot more prominent as well. This is the weight that I started my “lock down” mode of prep at last year and got in stage ready condition for my first show in 11 weeks. It’s been pretty easy to get here, the past couple weeks I haven’t done HIIT and cut back on cardio, kept carbs at pre-workout and pre-bed and still losing at a good pace. I’m thinking if I keep this plan up when I get back home I should be able to get below 150 and be less than 10 pounds from stage weight. It’s SO nice not having a hard deadline for a show and obsessing about the diet, losing at a comfortable pace with no pressure. If I can get to less than 10lbs from stage ready on this plan, it should hopefully be more manageable to get stage ready. At this weight, I am very happy for off season and have a good balance of conditioning I like without feeling inconvenienced by it.

Side note - I GOT THE GIG!


Congrats on the job, Rob!!! Have an awesome trip as well.


You better be telling us more about this when you’re able!

  1. Married
  2. Pro Bodybuilder
  3. Buying a second house
  4. Big time composer

Who’s living the dream? Robostein is!


Rob just racking up / showing off more accomplishments -lol



@robstein - Congrats on getting the GIG.

Now, like @IronAndMetal said, you gotta spill the beans when you can.

I’ve been following your log.

I am just getting back into lifting (been out for 5 years really) and your dedication is inspiring man!


Nice work Rob, have you changed your carb cycling method? Is it just carbs pre post and before bed? on most days.


Typing an update as I enjoy some Finibars before I head to the gym. Great trip so far, had a 2.5 hour flight to St. Louis, then a 2 hr layover before heading to Omaha. Just got to the hotel, got a free rental car upgrade to a Dodge Journey (never heard of it but awesome crossover SUV), staying at the Staybridge Suites so the room has a full kitchen, AND, while I had a gym worked out in advance, when I checked in I was informed I have free access to the Lifetime Fitness across the street, which pretty much looks like Globogym. It’s huge!

Grocery store across the street, stopped on the way to the hotel, stocked and ready to go.

-All my Biotest goodness, including Indigo-3G, Micro-PA, Carbolin-19, Flameout, Curcumin, Rez-V, and ZMA.
-Chocolate and Vanilla Metabolic Drive
-BCAA for training (purple and green containers)
-Almonds and cashews (black and blue stacks)
-Zevia and Halo Top for the room

Got the rest of the day to myself, gonna hit the gym and get some grub somewhere. There’s a “Muscle Maker Grill” down the street which is an awesome chain near me, awesome to see they’re out here! Clean tasty meals, plenty to choose from. While on this trip I’ll be keeping it clean but won’t be concentrating on the dieting aspect. Still gonna train every day and especially looking forward to checking out this sick looking gym across the street without having to pay for a day pass.