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Rob's 2017 Contest Prep Thread


I initially read this as “I’ve been on SynTHOL and Clomid…,” and was quite startled.

Your gluten-free diet is likely also significantly lower in FODMAPs, which may be the reason for your improved GI status.


Yes, rob and I discussed this at length and the plan is for him to be a heavyweight Npc competitor in 2019




I had never heard of FODMAPs but just did some Googling after reading your post, thanks so much for the info! Makes sense!

LOL, yeah, this is going to be a hell of an off season, only 80 pounds of stage weight to gain.


Couple pics from after chest and cardio this morning. Weighed in today at 155.8, which is less than I weighed before I left for the last 2 weeks of traveling. I ate very clean while traveling, but ate a lot of clean foods and about 250-300g carbs a day. The breakfast buffet at the hotel in DC was outstanding and I took full advantage!

Happy with my current level of conditioning, it is easily sustainable and enjoyable. I’m going to keep up with my current nutrition and training plan, and see where that gets me in a month.


Excellent chops sir… Very Martin van Buren, with a touch of wolverine.


How does it feel to lose your natty status? :wink:

See you in the Pharma forum, juice monkey.


Lol! Feels no different. I was slightly bummed when I realized I can’t compete in any more WNBF events, then remembered the likelyhood of stepping back on stage any time soon is slim to none. Music business is going well, hopefully having our first kid soon, and the real estate side hustle is growing in an unexpected but amazing way. Enjoying feeling better, and living the bodybuilding lifestyle without the rigidity of a prep!


Thank you sir! Recently took a clean shaved look on the face, missing the beard!


Get your schizzel on, then go full juice bro. You’re still young. Pop a few mini’s out, then hit the juice hard.

But, I’d be surprised if you couldn’t compete WNBF on TRT. It should be Replacement Therapy, and not supraphysiological. I mean, if they tested you, you should be in normal ranges - I know I am. Typically, I test at 650 four days post injection (I inject every four days, so that is my trough). That’s normal, not juiced.


Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend!

Recently got back from doing quite a bit of traveling again, this time to Tampa and North Carolina. Some big things in the works, but for now, back at home and planning for the future.

Training and nutrition - Going well, back on a slight cut in preparation for a presentation my wife and I are giving on stage at The Bellagio in Las Vegas in 5 weeks about our real estate investments. Currently sitting at 157 after eating what I thought was a surplus, but it seems my level of maintenance has risen now that my hormone levels are more where they should be. Which leads me to…

Recent blood work done, and wow, what a difference in the couple months I’ve been on these meds. Biggest changes were in TSH and Total Test.

TSH - 1.76 (Was at 3.5, then 3.2)

Total Test - 924 ng/dL (range 250-1100). 2.5 months ago it was a low of 335, and a high of 543.
Free Test - 100.4 pg.mL (range 46-224)
Bioavailable Test - 223.9 ng/dL (range 110-575)

LH - 3.1 (was 3.8)
FSH - 3.6 (was 3.3)

T4 - 1.5 (range 0.8-1.8)

I haven’t noticed any significant changes in terms of how I look, but I do feel better, have been sleeping better, and can eat more cals while maintaining current weight (around 2100-2200) vs the 1700-1800 I had to eat to maintain prior.


I agree with you 100%, if on replacement therapy, it shouldn’t affect one’s ability to compete. Some circuits, like ANBF, do allow for replacement therapy. WNBF does not, under any circumstances, allow for any supplemental therapy, regardless if it’s replacement, prescription, etc. @BrickHead inquired about this with WNBF, and wasn’t allowed to compete, so he killed it at ANBF instead and won a well deserved pro card!


Hey @robstein any advice for someone who want to learn more about real estate investing?

-What kind of capital is needed?

-What are your thoughts on buying out of state? As a CA resident, real estate is quite expensive.


Damn thats a jump! You may not notice anything now, but maybe a bit more down the line. Obviously there’s a heck of a lot more to being a jacked monster than having good T-levels, but I’m sure you’ll probably just feel better all around.



I was actually highly disappointed to receive a rejection letter from an authority in the WNBF after explaining my situation, even though no one so far, after dozens of theoretical explantations has proven to show that a man on TRT with normal value of testosterone somehow has a leg up on a eugonadal who doesn’t need medication. I’ve heard all the BS. Not one explantation makes sense.

The most common one is that a man will have plummeting T values late in a prep due to overwork and minor starvation (a prep done right, is that, as bad as it sounds) while a medicated man will still have a normal and relatively stable value for T. However, no one has shown that fluctuations in the normal range for T causes loss or gain in muscle.

For there to be such an effect on muscle loss or lack of gain or supraphysiological there has to be hypogonadism (in the low 300’s ng/dl or below) or anabolic steroid use.

There is another issue to deal with, one over which I can empathize with an organization official. That is, the opening of Pandora’s box considering so many men fool around with dosages and timing in order to get a leg up on competition by using more than prescribed amounts by getting T from their doctor as well as another source in the black market or simply getting their hands on more of this controlled substance at inappropriate times by using multiple pharmacies for each prescription, which can give one some more T by overlapping prescribed times.

Couple that with the ability to pass a polygraph test while being dishonest and there can be a problem for the organization.

Unfortunately some goofballs ruin things for honest men who are simply taking medication for a medical disorder.


@lucasmon good questions. I’ll try to give a brief answer as this is a loaded question, feel free to email for more details.

Re: getting started - read, educate, podcasts, seminars, read, read, read some more. BiggerPockets.com is a great starting point, I refer to is as the T-Nation of investing. You can learn everything you need to know if you’re willing to take the time, and they also have a lot of great books published by amazing people. Since getting started in investing I’ve been reading 2-3 books a month and listen to a couple of hours worth of podcasts and educational material per day. Take time to read, learn, find one or more mentors to help. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have my dad as a mentor, as well as some other incredible people I’ve met along the way. I’m not an expert by any means, and have only been involved for a little less than a year, but things are moving along well.

Regarding capital, you can get stared with little to none of your own if you learn how.

Out of state investing - this is something I’m just getting into myself as NJ is also quite expensive, especially property taxes. I know CA is too. It’s totally possible to do, but depending on the type of investing you’re doing, it’ll take some extra leg work and having some boots on the ground in the areas you’re working on.

Again, feel free to email.


Hello Nation!

Recently tried this chest workout, and WOW, I don’t remember the last time my chest was so sore, or I felt such a strong connection.

I highly recommend you put your biases aside and try this workout start to finish! I especially like the first exercise of squeezing the plate in front of you, the twisting one arm cables, and the last exercise that’s like a modified shrug. Looks awkward, but WOW, what a pump!


How is everything, fat boy?


LOL, things are all great over here, thanks for asking! Schedule some travel next month, I’ll be in CO Springs for two weeks (Real Estate), and LA/San Diego for a week after that (band/music), so excited to get back my favorite gyms in the area, get some great work done and keep things moving forward. I’ve been enjoying training more lately now that it’s not my main focus, it’s more of a relief and therapy from the working day.

We’re also trying for our first kiddo, and hopefully will have some good news soon!

How are you @Yogi1?


Sounds great, mate! Still no future plans to squeeze into a thong on stage?


Today’s tip is filed under “Places you don’t expect to read about marching bands”…