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Robot Camel Jockeys!

On a recent episode of The Amazing Race, the contestants went to Kuwait only to either fill bags of camel food or race Robots on camel’s backs. A guy would strap one of the R2-D2’s with a little arm and a whip about two feet long. A guy would yell into a walkie talkie and that would make the robot’s arm to whip the camel’s ass.

It’s defidently a better alternative then kids, but I was practically crying laughing seeing this on TV.

Anyone else catch it?


This may be bad…but I’m seeing these camels rigged with IED’s…

(If you can do it humans, I’m sure a camel isn’t far off).


Heh, Im not suprised. Im sure we’ll be seeing Tuskin Raiders like in Star Wars weaving in and out of the dunes. Those guys were defidently terrorists you know.

WOW. Im cranked on HOT-ROX…