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Robo-calls (Spam)

I put my phone number on the national do not call registry well over a decade ago. I still get ridiculous calls from time to time, sometimes multiple times from the same number. Usually I’ll let it go once or twice, after which I’ll actually take the time to go online and file a report with the government.

Supposedly each violation the government finds record of is a $2500 fine. Tonight I had a few extra moments of free time, and so I texted the spam caller’s number.



Do you think they might be calling from another country though? In Canada we have lots of scam calls coming from India, they have some way of making it look like a local number on the caller ID.

The other day I answered one of those calls and the guy said in a heavy Indian accent that he was calling from CERB Canada Ontario. CERB is a temporary benefit they made due to the coronavirus, but there is nothing named CERB Canada Ontario so I burst out laughing. Then I asked how much money he was going to send me and he hung up. Other times I mess with them and say stuff like “Sanjay, where is the garam masala?”


I get semi-regular calls from some bot in pennsylvania with an “urgent message for the vehicle owner…”
…I don’t have a drivers license
I blocked the number, but still get calls

My cousin (14 years old) got a call once from some scammer claiming he’d “kidnapped her son”. She put the phone on speaker, then asked him what “her son’s” name was. The guy stammered for a good three seconds while we all burst out laughing :joy:

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Most of these scams involve either getting your personal information so they can steal your identity and use it for more scamming, or just straight up telling you to send money for one reason or another.

This one time about 10 years ago I got a call from a guy with an obvious Indian accent, but at that time India was not yet known for scamming. He told me that I had won a prize in a draw, and the thing is that a few weeks before that I actually did fill out a form for some draw in a bar so I thought it was for real. He said I won a cruise trip for two, but I said I wasn’t interested in a cruise, he replied that this was just the main prize they were offering and there were other trips as well and I could go to Las Vegas, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and so on. He said he just needed to confirm my personal information, I said no problem. He then said “I will just need to put you on hold for a moment. My name is Brian Smith.” Aside from the awkwardness of suddenly telling me his name like that, there was no fucking way his name was Brian Smith. I hung up right there, but I almost got scammed.

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I keep getting calls from New York claiming they are the social security administration yet they don’t identify themselves and they give the return number as the number on my caller ID which I know is bullshit. So I got in the SSA website and reported it

I like it when they call me from my own phone number… lol

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I have gotten text messages asking for donations to bail out felons here in florida so they can vote.
I also get the “vehicle information” one a lot. If i answer, the immediate question I ask is “What company are your from?” to which they never answer so I hang up and block the number.

Some woman named Judith has been giving my phone number out for years. I can’t imagine why, but I’ll get calls from all kinds of people because of it. I think she’s a shady lady.

I fuck with spam and scam callers. Turning it into a phone sex session is always a go-to. Ask them what they are wearing and let things flow from there.

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“Umm…Khakis” - Jake, from State Farm