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Robin On Broadway!

DAMN!!! I’m STILL laughing as I’m writing this!

You guys have GOT to see “Robin Williams Live On Broadway” on HBO. I just finished watching it, and the guy…what can I say…is as INSANE AS EVER!!! Check it out!

(Na-Nu, Na-Nu!!!)

dude i didnt know he was that dirty. that was the funniest stand up act ive seen since eddie murphy delerious. holy shit williams is hilarious.

He stayed at the hotel where I work, I was hoping he would come in for dinner, “entertain” the dining room. He never did though, I think he ordered room service.

Caught it last nite. He is great. Much better than some of his earlier shows, where he would get too spastic, and annoying. Great jokes, esp finisher about viagra and eating at the Y. BTW, my honey says yes, that is what we look like.

I must be missing something. After 10 minutes I had to change the channel because he wasn’t funny at all, old jokes most of them stupid too. I prefer George Carlin or Dave Chappelle.

I am glad to hear that it may be pretty good. His live stuff, appearances on Letterman, etc, have left me with a 'please tell me this guy was funny once, not just a spaz". I’ll give it a shot. I hope he doesn’t dive back into those same tired old 3 or 4 characters.

I did the same thing Nick did. When did it get funny? I didn’t hear anything dirty nor eating at the “Y”.

This performance did remind me a lot of his Live at the Met performance. I could see some of the jokes coming. I still thought he was halarious, though. Some of the stuff he did with the water bottles killed me.