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Robertson Training Systems Is Up!


Thought I would post this here as well as my thread.

Ok all, here's your chance to let me have it!!

I'm getting close to finalizing work on my webpage, and would love to hear what you all have to say about it. Needless to say, this is my "Alpha", as there's still a lot of things to do (I have a whole list of stuff that I have to do myself, let alone what I've got my web guy doing!)

So here's what I need from you: What do you like about the page? What does it need? Hopefully you aren't too hard on me, as this is my first real venture into web development. I know that there are a few links that don't match up, and I also need to get more of my pics and testimonials back to "lighten" up the pages a bit.

If you'd like, feel free to post your thoughts here. Again, try not to be too harsh! My web guy and myself have put 100's of hours into getting the page to this point, and hopefully it won't be too much longer until it's fully operational!

Thanks for any input!


How bout a link? :smiley:


This page? :wink:




Looks great! Congratulations, I'm sure all your hard work will pay off.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Take care,



Oops! I forgot it the first time too. Thanks Nate!

Stay strong

BTW, if you check back frequently enough, I'm sure you'll notice me changing stuff as we speak!


Great site Mike.

Good to have all the articles in one such place and now that i know a bit more about you, im enjoying reading them for a second time.


Nice clean layout, I like it.

Good luck.


Looks good, Mike.

I'm a spelling nazi so I did find one mistake.

On your "About" page in the last paragraph the word "themselves" is incorrectly spelled.

Other than that it looks great!



Clarkie is an animal...red hair to boot!



Looks good Mike, easy to find your way around the site, it's uncluttered by advertisements and other crap, please keep it that way.

I love the logo at the top of the page, you are left in no doubt what the site is about!



I like the layout, but I think the font with "Robertson Training Systems" should be bigger, and for some reason I think the barbell at the top looks a little cheesy.


Looks great!


Hi Mike

Page looks and works great. I'm an artist who does web/print design, and I think it's clean, functional, and attractive.

Compliments to your web guy, get him to link the holy hell out of it. Hopefully somewhere on the first page all the relevant search terms should be hidden, so that when Google spiders the site it'll show up high in the rankings.

I've bookmarked it, and I'll next read all the articles (I've already read the ones here on T-shizzle).



I really like the content. I am not a design guy but I think it would look better with some menues or something on the side. Also, I crashed when trying to access the article precistion pulling.


Thanks for the kind words guys!

Now, I'll get to some of these individual questions...

Stay strong


What's your goal with the website?

First thing I noticed when I got to the first page is that I didn't really know what to do. I think a good idea would be to have a paragraph or two right off the bat telling about yourself (how great you are) and what's in it for the reader if he sticks around. Then tell him where to go to learn more (buy stuff) and that he must sign up for your FREE newsletter.

Under the picture of you squatting put a caption saying it's you. Chances are the reader won't make the connection.


I agree, but to the important stuff.

On your services page the last two services "Sports Performance" and "Personal Training" have two prices: "$$$/Hourly", "$$/Hour Package"

I am not sure about the difference?
I seem to be unable to find where you explain a "package."


Thanks Nate!

Like I said before, this is my "Alpha" version, so I'm not quite done w/ the layout and such yet. I'll get with my web guy and do some more work next week.

With regards to the articles, I'm having some issues linking the articles directly to T-Nation. I want everyone who hits my site to see how great T-Nation is, and a big part of the articles is the discussion afterwards. However, when I fix the ID tag I still have issues when I actually upload it to the web. This is something I'm working on so be patient while I get it figured out!

Stay strong


Good points!

The first price is if you just want a single training session; the other is if you want multiple sessions. All personal training/SPT goes through Custom Athletics (my employer here in Indy), so these are their prices that I've listed for clarity.

I will make it a point to explain this, though. Thanks!

Stay strong


i like it... it has a nice clean layout like others have said. i dont need my phd to view things on your page.