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Robertson & Cresey, I Need Help!

I seem to have done something to tweak my left shoulder while sleeping. When I woke up yesterday, I felt a dull throbbing pain in my humerus- like banging your shin against something. Anyways, I could also feel my tricep was really tight, and noticed a “knot.” I took 600mg of Ibuprofin, and administered self deep tissue massage to break up the knot. My arm was still aching, so I then applied a heating pad. It seemed to help relax the muscle. I then tried simple bicep and tricep stretches to keep my arm loose, -It seems to have helped. I then went to bed last night, and re-applied the heating pad on low, just to keep the muscle warm(my arm feels cold). I woke up today, and my whole left arm, from the shoulder to my fingertips, is numb and tingling(arm falling asleep feeling). My shoulder is still hurting, so I layed on a golf ball, and rolled around, trying to really go DEEP tissue massage. My shoulder and bicep/tricep feel better, but my arm is still numb. Did I pinch a nerve? What could be happening? Sorry for the long post, but I needed to tell the whole situation. If anyone can help me, I’d gladly appreciate it. Thanks, -The Starkdog


I have no idea what is up, but it reminds me of a somewhat similar situation.

After sleeping on the floor one evening, go figure, I seemed to have pinched a nerve in my hip. The feeling down the one side of my leg was similar to the “sleeping limb” issue you describe.

I don’t remember any pain or knotting, but a bit of mild discomfort. Basically, I figured not much could really be wrong, so I ignored it and it slowly faded.

Maybe some experts will come along and be able to give you some actual advice. My only inclination is to beware of heating or massage in case you have something inflammation related going on.

Thanks for the feedback Vroom. It’s kinda weird, my arm feels numb, but my tricep keeps spasming, making my left arm twinge wildly. I’ll heed your advice, and hold off with the heating pad. -The Starkdog