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Robert Wolfe Amino Stack Patent

Has anyone tried the amino stack described in the Wolfe patent US14359213, “Use of amino acid supplementation for improved muscle recovery”?

A method for improving recovery of muscle strength, the method comprising administering to a subject a composition comprising the following concentrations of amino acids in terms of w/w %: about 1 to 2% of histidine, about 9 to 11% of isoleucine, about 35 to 38% of leucine, about 14 to 17% of lysine, about 2 to 4% of methionine, about 5 to 7% of phenylalanine, about 8 to 9% of threonine, about 9 to 11% of valine, about 0.01 to 0.2% of tryptophan, and about 8 to 11% of arginine, wherein recovery of muscle strength of the subject is improved relative to recovery of muscle strength in a subject not administered said amino acid composition.