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Robert Oberst on Joe Rogan's Podcast

Just saw this pop up, they did a sit-down yesterday. Seems like a really cool guy.

Couple of individual clips they posted from the whole thing:


So far, the most shocking thing is that Rob only has a 34" inseam despite being 6’8".

Big guys are usually cool. No short man syndrome.


Great looking out! That was a great episode. It really makes me want to take my recovery more seriously.

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Amazing episode, listened earlier today. Appreciated his perspective on deadlifts, too.


His arms are short as well, or perhaps just appear to be in relation to his long torso. If you’ve ever seen him in person, you can immediately tell he has poor mechanics for deadlifting, which is a really tough lift for him.

Giant dude, and definitely had great crowd response during the filming of WSM. Glad to see him getting some publicity

I always thought longer arms/legs would be more disadvantageous for deadlifting. Is that wrong?

Correct. However a 34" inseam on a 6’8" dude is pretty short. I have a 35" inseam at five inches shorter.

Longer arms are never a bad thing for deadlifting. Haven’t you noticed how many elite pullers end up locking the bar out just above the knees? Long arms are a necessity for that, and very often short torsos.

Additionally it’s not just the limb length, but overall proportions. (tall people can deadlift massive weights)

Little people have extremely long torsos and short limbs… and are terrible deadlifters (I’m talking about dwarves like the Polish lifter Stanansczek who squatted 661 weighing 110lbs, but pulled around 330… hand size hurts as well of course, but straps wouldn’t make a huge difference).

Short torso also means a much short lever arm, i.e. spine… less load on the low back.

Obviously a few exceptions , but being built like a giant midget is awful for pulling.