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Robert Mugabe Dies

Can’t imagine too many will be mourning this one:

He was a decent boxer.

Hard to lose a good one. Thoughts and prayers for the people he was about to torment.

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Time to pop the bottle of dom I had saved for the communist trained stooge who ruined Africa’s breadbasket.

Time to retake Rhodesia.


Sadly it looks like South Africa is following the Mugabe style of policy.
That man was a piece of shit dictator, his death didn’t happen soon enough.
I hope things improve for all the Zimbabweans( I won’t hold my breath though).

I truly hope not. If South Africa goes dark, then Africa is in a dire state.

Hear, hear.

They could be a great nation, I hope they get there. I too, however, am not betting the farm on it.

Well, you did take it from Ian Smith and brokered Mugabe’s takeover :slight_smile:

Honestly, my sister lived in South Africa for a while and I have visited her several times. I cannot imagine becoming “worse”.

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It’s never too late to correct a mistake.

I had truly hoped the reports were exaggerated. But I had heard some dreadful shit.

i heard about 15 or 20 years ago that South Africa had the world’s highest crime rate. Any confirmation or correction on that?

South Africa certainly has the highest murder rate of Africa. It also has spiraling debt and rolling blackouts. It’s getting close to a failed state, if one trusts the figures.

Yes, that’s correct. I always freaked out when watching the news there because they were so matter-of-factly describing everyday occurrences which everywhere else would have been mass shootings.

11 dead, then 3 dead the next day, then 5 and so on. And these numbers only covered situations where the police engaged in gun fights with criminals armed with assault rifles. Criminals shooting criminals or civilians do not even deserve a mention.

Is it still the rape capital of the world?

Although I wouldn’t deny anyone from anywhere the right to criticize America, and maybe there can be something learned from an outsider, I just can’t take Trevor Noah talking about this country. Especially when he gets condescending and preachy, as if he knows better or rather, is better.