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Robert Gates: Libya Not a Threat


Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said that Libya did not pose a threat to the United States before the U.S. began its military campaign against the North African country.

On â??This Week,â?? ABC Newsâ?? Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper asked Gates, â??Do you think Libya posed an actual or imminent threat to the United States?â??

â??No, no,â?? Gates said in a joint appearance with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. â??It was not -- it was not a vital national interest to the United States, but it was an interest and it was an interest for all of the reasons Secretary Clinton talked about. The engagement of the Arabs, the engagement of the Europeans, the general humanitarian question that was at stake,â?? he said.

Gates explained that there was more at stake, however. â??There was another piece of this though, that certainly was a consideration. You've had revolutions on both the East and the West of Libya,â?? he said, emphasizing the potential wave of refugees from Libya could have destabilized Tunisia and Egypt.

â??So you had a potentially significantly destabilizing event taking place in Libya that put at risk potentially the revolutions in both Tunisia and Egypt,â?? the Secretary said. â??And that was another consideration I think we took into account.â??

During his campaign for the Presidency, in December, 2007, Barack Obama told The Boston Globe that â??The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.â??

Earlier in 2007, then-Senator Hillary Clinton said in a speech on the Senate floor that, â??If the administration believes that any -- any -- use of force against Iran is necessary, the President must come to Congress to seek that authority.â??

Tapper asked Clinton, â??Why not got to Congress?â??

â??Well, we would welcome congressional support,â?? the Secretary said, â??but I don't think that this kind of internationally authorized intervention where we are one of a number of countries participating to enforce a humanitarian mission is the kind of unilateral action that either I or President Obama was speaking of several years ago.â??

â??I think that this had a limited timeframe, a very clearly defined mission which we are in the process of fulfilling,â?? Clinton said.


Pretty disgusting. The hypocrisy is so blatant it makes one wonder if they do this on purpose, just to show how worthless the political process is.


Grinding salt in the wound!


Oh yeah? Libya isn't a threat? Look at what they're doing to the price of gas! Not a threat my ass!


Here is an interesting article that quoted Obama back in 02' stating how foolish Bush was to invade and topple a dictator.

The money quote...

â??But I also know that Saddam poses no imminent and direct threat to the United States, or to his neighbors, that the Iraqi economy is in shambles, that the Iraqi military is a fraction of its former strength, and that in concert with the international community he can be contained until, in the way of all petty dictators, he falls away into the dustbin of history,â?? said Sen. Obama.

THEN in a speech justifying the U.S. involvement in Libya....

â??But when our interests and values are at stake, we have a responsibility to act,â?? said Obama. â??Thatâ??s what happened in Libya over the course of these last six weeks.â??




Fuck. I agree with Headhunter. I need to go and lie down now