Robert Dos Remedios Workouts

I’m looking for info on Remedios workout results. I have read his book and just started his program. I cant believe how sore I am! I would like to know everyones feedback on this program and if you feel it has worked for you as far as being stronger and if your performance improved. Which work out did you do, and how you compared it to your past workout programs.

I was working on a modified WS4SB III Template. The change in style provided for some awesome, quick gains.

You will definitely be extra sore if you haven’t been lifting full body.

Coach Dos has a forum up, and he answer questions within a few hours of them being posted usually.

People also posted their results over their.

I’m at the end of my offseason so I modified one of the workout cards in the back to suit my needs and goals. My vertical has gone up significantly. Potentially the shock from the olympic lifting after not doing any with WS4SB.