Robert Dos Remedios Power Training

I am interested to know of anyone doing this program by Robert dos Remedios. I just started this program and would like to know what kind of results everyone are getting? Any info would be helpful. I read his Power Training book and it has a lot of great information.

I have been wanting to purchase the book. How is it?

It is an awsome book full of useful info. It gives you a whole new look on weight training.

I got the book for Christmas and its a great source. It contains excellent information and it includes a Nutrition chapter. I just started the 4 day push/pull hypertrophy routine so I can’t make any comments on results yet. I do feel good after the workouts and since time is of the essence it really helps to get into the gym and have a great workout in a timely manner.

Due to my work schedule I am doing the 2 workouts a week. I started my first workout the other day and its tough no doubt. In fact for the next 3 days I was a sore mother!! That is a great feeling it makes you feel like you really did something!!

I recently completed the total fitness program from this book. My hang clean numbers shot way up after doing it, and I gained some muscle too. So, I’m pretty pleased with it. Now, I’ve been debating about whether or not to try the hypertrophy or the strength program first. I think I would gain more muscle if I built up more strength first.
On a side note, you have to try his strength-cardio workouts. A squat-row tabata is hard as hell, and so are the countdowns.

Sorry to resurrect a dead thread. I just got this book as a gift. If my aim is to build lean size with definition, what of coach dos’ plans would be best to start with? hypertrophy/strength/power seem to all have pretty similar end goals/results?

i am doing the push-pull 4x a week program, on day 3. So far its pretty awesome. I just finished 5 weeks of stripped down hypertrophy, so i want to focus on strength. I am loving the explosive exercises.

Another really great exercise is the barbell torque… feels like a really manly exercise pure and simple. Too add to it when i’m done with the BB torque, i simply press the bar out in front of me as many times as i can.