Robert Baraban Chest Krusher

Hi All,

Recently purchase the above mentioned Chest Krusher, and like it so far!

I wanted to use it for my upper chest, but am not sure if I am correctly. I’ll use it both standing and sitting, and with the handles facing up and facing down. I mostly feel it in my outer lower pecs, my delts, and where my biceps and elbows meet, so I’m curious as to if I’m doing it right?

I also was wondering if anyone had any protocols, etc with it as I’ve only seen a few videos of folks using it, but nothing beyond that.

Christ that’s a lot of money for… that.


I make it rain son!


LOL! I love it.

So take this for what it’s worth, but I would assume you’d just ‘program’ it like you would for any other chest exercises you’re doing. It looks like it would essentially replace cable/dumbbell flyes in a program. I read the ads for it and stuff, and they mentioned using it for 1rm as an option, but I think that’s a poor use for the product, unless you’re just using it to test strength, as you would with a gripper or something like that. I’d probably use it in the 8-12 rep range for 3-5 sets if I were to insert it into a general program.

Yeah that’s more or less why I got it, figured it would take up less space/room than a cable machine.

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But as far as hitting my upper chest though, any ideas? I know I sound like a schmuck!

A schmuck with too much money to spend… LOL
Did you ever consider alternative investments on training equipment (or do you already have it all)?

Now realizing I’m behaving like a schmuck, asking these questions (which I honestly don’t mean to). I guess what I’m trying to say is - you are brave to buy such a device in order to make a broader use of it.


Well, ya figure the motion of this is similar to pec flys, so it shouldn’t be too broad of a stretch right? I think I saw a big stationary pec fly machine ran for $500-600 vs this thing which took up much less space, was cheaper, and portable.

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Honestly, from previous posts you’ve made I kind of assume you’ve got the cash to spend, and this isn’t a big deal, it’s not exactly gonna break the bank, lol. So, I get it. I’ve spent more money on sillier things, without a doubt.

Angles. That’s all that’s going to matter. I don’t know if you have an incline bench at home, but if you don’t you could literally just lean back in a chair, hold this thing straight up, and use it that way. Or, stand with it and raise it somewhere above your shoulders and squeeze. Biofeedback should point you in the right direction, just fuck around with it until you feel it working your upper chest.

Appreciate the help big man!

Let’s us know what you think of it. I want one but not willing to spend silly money on one. I believe you can get copies or different brands cheaper.
It does appear to be the standard chest crusher for testing your strength.
Not many people can close it with all the springs on.

Sorry just read your post more carefully. Do you also use power twisters .If so how different does it feel?

Have you guys heard of the Andrewgen_Receptors Chest Krusher? It looks EXACTLY the same but costs only $200!

Buy one, get one free

Cash only. No refunds.

It’s not that original IMO. Spring have been about a very long time. I have his Baraban rolling thunder handle . It is high quality not cheap but much cheaper than ironmind’s one.

I thought it was Baraban Robert.

Yes Robert Baraban , the Austrian guy.
An old style bullworker looks like it would work similar patterns. It’s also rough on the joints. It’s probably a bit lighter so can be moved into different positions more easily.
The Powertwister is a similar device too. Might be nice for a same but different device every now and then.

I have not used power twisters.

So far, so good with the chest Krusher. I’ve really be able to target my upper chest-a weak point-with this. Good pump + portable so that makes it a winner in my book.

The start of the Powertwister is more of a wrist exercise and lower arm exercise imo . From mid range to the end range , it is similar to the chest crusher.

Powertwister is a straight spring with handles either end.