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Robby Robinson Natural at 74?

I’ve been watching a few recent videos by Robby Robinson where he claims he is off steroids, since he retired from competition and not even doing TRT.
He looks to me to be off doing bodybuilding cycles, as he has lost a lot of his former competitive size, but still retains good size for natural BB is his 20’s. Robby is 74 and not 20, and doesn’t look like any natural 74 yo that ever lived on planet earth. He also looks better than 99% of guys at his age that take TRT.

I like the guy, and admire what he’s done in BB, but to deny you aren’t at least doing TRT he’s not fooling anyone.

Opinions please?

What effect do you think TRT give you at that age anyway? Reading you, it looks like you think there would be a huge difference between TRT and no TRT :thinking:

Maybe post some pictures or links?

You’re post right now is basically “what do you guys think of this persons body you can’t see?”

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Well I think someone from Robby’s level, at his current age could look like he does, after stopping cycling and who is taking a generous dose of TRT. Someone that hadn’t already built up substantial muscle before hand, wouldn’t look as impressive.

There are plenty of other former gods of bodybuilding like Dorian Yates(late 50’s), Ric Draisin(wrestler), Arnold, Franco when he was alive, who take TRT and don’t look anything like good natural bodybuilders, yet still train. There are also a few guys around like the late Serge Nubret,(d.70) and Jim Morris Mr America(d.circa 80), who died looking much like they did in their prime, obviously still using cycle doses of anabolics.

Most of the former greats when they go off cycling end up looking like they never took drugs and built championship physiques. They just look like any other scrawny, saggy 70+ yo, that never touched weights before let alone steroids, so its not their superior genetics for building muscle size, and shape otherwise they would look more like Robby. Yet Robby is the only one claiming to not juice, at that age, yet looks better than most of the old guys that admit to TRT, and HGH use.

I am technically inept when it comes to the internet, Gen X(almost as bad a Boomer I’m afraid).
Luckily a quick search on youtube for Robby Robinson videos will show you many recent videos of his current shape, and him denying TRT and other steroids.

Dude looks good.


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Black guy with hall of fame genetics, yeah I can believe it.

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Yes, But are there any other guys, at 74, and off steroids that have a build like this? Can you name one other?
I can’t think of a single one, including any other former Mr Olympia contestants.

Tony Pearson is 63 and looks awesome and will probably look like Robbie at 74. Albert Beckles looked as good as this at 70 for sure. Remember that Robbie has been bodybuilding for over 50 years. It wouldn’t take that much for him to hold onto a decent amount of muscle.

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Yes, but none of them are claiming natural status, like Robby does.

Google Clarence Bass -pasty white guy with 10% of Robbie’s genetics, its possible.

TRT or no he’s staying strong and active so who cares, good for him.


Clarence Bass’s arms are about 12". His claim to fame is staying in low bf, all the time.(he’s probably running trt as well)

I agree, good for them. I’d rather them tell the truth rather than say they are natty.
Andreas Cahling looks pretty impressive too, but he admits to taking TRT.

He said his Testosterone is “over 500”. That’s solidly mid-range for his age, so there’d be no medical reason to go on TRT at that level.

His story’s been consistent throughout his life, as evidenced from when I talked to him years ago:

This was him 99% natural winning the 1975 Mr. World - he said he had his first ever shot two weeks before the show.

So yeah, with those genetics and 50+ years of consistent bodybuilding training and a strict diet (Note: many retired pros get away from one or both of those), I’m fine taking him at his word that he’s not on anything.

IMO, 99% natural = 0% natural. At least as far as any testing organization is concerned.

As far as him being on TRT or AAS now, it is pretty hard to tell. Above 500 TT for a guy that is 74 is really good IMO. He really doesn’t have much size, but is very lean. I’ll say it is plausible he is natty. I wouldn’t bet on it though.

Hey Chris, I still love Robby and what he has done for bodybuilding, but his story doesn’t add up. Exclusively using Deca, and at only 100mg every 1-2 weeks. The results don’t tally with what other genetically superior pro’s were doing at the time.

Most of the guys that go on steroids for long periods of time, then go off never recover their testosterone levels to pre steroid usage levels. Deca is one of the worst offenders for problems. They still might recover in normal range but they won’t be high normal. Add to that decline of test levels due to aging, and the sarcopenia that comes with lowering testosterone, its even less believable. Compared with someone that admits to TRT, and or HGH use at the same age and Robby’s results become believable.

It reminds me of the discussions I use to have about Lance Armstrong pre the revelations about his drug use. How does Lance beat other guys proven to have tested positive for steroids and other PED’s, especially when he lost at least one of his balls to testicular cancer? We all know how that turned out.

People just want to believe that their heroes are natty, despite the unlikelyhood. It either gives them hope for their future, or that miracles can happen.

I was referring strictly to his physique. He was one shot into a cycle and I’m not sure what visible changes would be noticeable at that point. So his physique in the picture is, for all intents and purposes, natural. Maybe one of the Pharma gurus can weigh-in on the actual noticeable impact of one dose of Primobolan Depot?

I’m not sure what the IFBB’s testing policy was in 1975.

I don’t think that’s it at all. I’d like to believe that that majority of pro bodybuilding fans understand that the guys on stage are on anabolics. I think people want to believe their heroes (odd choice of word, as I wouldn’t consider Robby a hero per se) can be taken at their word and that they’re not blatantly lying, whether it’s about their use, what they eat, how they train, whatever.

Basically none. However, IMO most BBers lie more than they tell the truth in regards to steroid use. It seems everybody at the gym is natty until you mention that you use or have used AAS, then it is like someone put a dime in them. Hell, Brain Shaw has claimed natty. There is just so much incentive to lie, or say you use, but only a little.

That’s fair. It isn’t cheating. I wouldn’t accuse anyone using PEDs of cheating, unless they are competing in a sport in which it is against the rules.

I have heard many say Arnold is their hero. Not so much Robby.

As far as I know, Arnold has never claimed to be steroid-free. He’s been quite open about using during his bodybuilding career, generally while mentioning the asterisk of it being legal and doctor-supervised.

Arnold has admitted it. There is skepticism around the dosages he claimed. He has IMO tried to sow doubt about his marijuana use. Saying the whole “but did I inhale?” thing. So he has down played his marijuana use, what makes you think he wouldn’t do so for AAS?

Personally, whether or not he’s natural, the guy still has great genetics and I don’t think he would look drastically different on or off TRT especially at his age.