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Robb Wolf attacks Crossfit



Barely In before this thread is completely derailed.


Ouch! Holy feedback, Batman!


why the hate


loved his "the Paleo Solution" book and this diatribe is the same in vocal form. I love crossfit as it is where I get some of my injury patients from, stupid hurts !


How do you guys even have the time in your lives to care about what some fucking guy says about a workout program.

we all know its strengths and weaknesses. Shut the fuck up about it already.


"If they're not the authority on the topic, then they've got to kick the authority out so they can appear to be the authority."

I may be wrong, but isn't this what happened with Crossfit and Rippetoe?


No hatred here. The audio was too loud.


Agree mostly.....but Wolf was their nutrition poster boy for years and got his shit pulled out from under him by Glassman and Castro.....very similar to the hatchet job they pulled on Dan John and Rippetoe.




I actually don't read the forums hating on crossfit around here. Robb Wolf is not just some guy in reference to crossfit for reasons UtahLama stated. It was a much different more intimate perspective than you get from the typical crossfit hating crowd. I actually don't know all its strength and weaknesses and found this little pod cast pretty informative from someone with first hand experience.


Croatian crossfit :wink:)


Balbos.....is that you???