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Roasted Nuts. What Happens with the Fat?


Hi all.

I know that raw nuts are better, but are roasted nuts bad? What happens with their good fat when it is heated?

Background: I always eat raw nuts as a snack when I am on my own. However, I am going to watch the soccer game at friend's place today and thought about buying some roasted cashews, almonds and pistachios. Unfortunately, it isn't yet socially acceptable to bring raw nuts at a party. Can I still consider that the roasted nuts are a good food, or at least not a bad food? I am sure that they are better than chips and other junk people usually eat while watching TV...

All responses will be highly appreciated!


Well I searched for you, and the first article I found states:



It's not? I was not aware of this. You could always bring some of both roasted and raw, put them in separate bowls?


Thanks. I hoped to hear something more from the TMuscle experts...


Well, I actually brought raw cashew nuts and ate them. It is up to now to make it socially acceptable :slight_smile:


And also more generally: what happens to cooked olive oil, cooked salmon, etc. !?
Please, there should be some research on that topic...