Roasted Garbanzo Beans Bad?

I know the importance of having good carb choices in a clean healthy diet, But does anybody know if roasted garbanzo beans are OK to have? Obviously their not as good as fresh garbanzos, but I just like to munch on some crunchy roasted ones every now and then. I get roasted, (not fried), unsalted garbanzos from an online nut store. Am I OK eating this or am I just fooling myself into thinking that these are healthy?

I am not a dietician but they are heavy in iron

Anybody else know? Please, anyone!

If they’re roasted, they’re probably a healthy snack. (Let’s not worry too much about iron, especially plant-source iron, okay?)

Beans absolutely rock for health and I’m always looking for new ways to eat them.

Thanks for the input Lonnie! I love beans in general. All kinds. But every now and then I ad these roasted garbanzos as a snack instead of chips or popcorn which are not very healthy. I only wish I knew what the nutritional facts were on the roasted beans, since their not boiled. If you know How I can find out, please let me know, because unfortunatley they don’t have the facts on the bags since they are imported. Thanks again.


Look for roasted garbanzos in Greek and Armenian specialty shops; they’re a staple in that part of the world. May be cheaper than mail-order.

Warning: They can be very salty. My source has four varieties, varying mostly in saltiness.

They are also excellent mixed 50-50 with yellow raisins. Another staple.

Big. Old. Pissed off.

Thanks for the info on the roasted Garbanzos. I live in Los Angeles and have access to alot of Armenian stores. I’ll look into them. The company I order them from also sells them natural without salt. They’re awsome! Especially when you want some variety with carbs and legumes in your diet. They’re roasted, so I’m sure they are healthy.