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Roast My Squat Form

My squat form is weak right now. Looking to get some tips/advice to get it up to snuff


Take about 75 pounds off and post another video.

What you’re doing is the classic “short ROM because too heavy”-thing. If you didn’t have that giant back brace of a belt, your low back would’ve been rounding like crazy, which isn’t what a belt is for. Also, your right foot actually leaves the ground and slides in a few inches at lockout. Don’t do that.

Guessing you’re a younger dude? Train smarter before you break something.


Appreciate the realness. Wish I had videos of my videos of 255*5 from earlier in the month with proper depth. I know my depth was off here by quite a bit here but it seems like the problem arises when reaching full depth at heavier weights with what im guessing is butt wink. If it helps my sumo deadlift max is right at 400 so im guessing quads wouldn’t be the entire problrm

Here is a link at what im guessing is 225 from several months ago

I don’t really have much to add onto Chris’s reply but you would definitely find watching Mark Bell’s and Ed Coan Squat youtube video helpful. Long video but a lot of useful info

If you’re planning to compete in powerlifting, your depth isn’t off by a bit. It’s off by quite a lot, even for the second video

Not really looking to compete in powerlifting at least not until graduating college, just trying to improve explosiveness and what not for sports. I guess it doesnt help that coaches at my University have told me at times that (believe it or not) im going too low. I guess the fact that im short doesn’t help for their judgement

Well your coaches definitely don’t know what they’re talking about then unfortunately.

Before trying to improve on explosiveness, you need to get the absolute basics nailed down first.

I mean, I get your point man but it’s not like im unnecessarily weak. I can pull 400 ive just gotta improve on my reps. Squat depth needs improvement, no doubt, and I’ll post one later on so I’ll have one worth reviewing. Also, thanks everyone for not holding back I needed some harsh reality for sure

You’re brave trying to squat that weight, it looks like you could barely support the bar on your back.

First of all, it doesn’t look like you actually stood still at any point between unracking the bar and descending. You need to unrack, walk out, let the weight stabilize for a moment during which you should not be moving or shaking or anything, and your knees should be locked. Then take a deep breath and brace hard before descending.

The camera angle in the 2nd video makes it impossible to see anything.

If you are not trying to compete in powerlifting then trying to get advice in a powerlifting forum is probably not the best idea since you don’t need to actually lift to powerlifting standards. Perhaps you are going deeper than necessary for whatever sport you play, there are plenty of videos of football or basketball players, sprinters, etc. doing half squats because they need top-end strength and a full squat is of little or no benefit to them. A good strength coach should be able to sort you out better than anyone on this forum. But either way, squatting a weight you can’t handle is not a good way to go, and max singles are probably a bad idea for anything other than a powerlifting meet.

A little better, still high (partly due to the safety bars). Your knees are the first thing to move, which is high risk/low reward. You are and were dropping pretty fast, which makes it harder to stay tight.

And you still have that foot-jump thing on the last rep. So it’s been a bad habit for a while. Break it by focusing on finishing each individual rep, not just ending the set and re-racking the bar as soon as possible.

Power cleaning 205 for reps will go more towards this goal than a 400-pound sumo deadlift.

Got a video of the 400 lb sumo deadlift?

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There aren’t a whole lot of athletes other than powerlifters who deadlift at all, and certainly not max singles. There is very little potential benefit and a lot of risk.

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I mean, trap bar deadlifts certainly have benefits with minimized risk, but sumo deads are probably one of the least “athletic” exercises someone can do in the gym.

100% agreed on max singles being unnecessary.

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I appreciate it guys, sorry if I came off wrong in the last post was just. May also not help that I’ve been on a lifting cycle that uses quarter squats to peak speed so that may account for my crappy depth right now. And for the video I can get it from my buddy on the deadlift but it’s gonna be apple/Google conversion so quality won’t be great

What’s your sport?

Baseball player

So you just decided to try a heavy single out of the blue on an exercise you haven’t even been training? That was not too bright. Fortunately you got out in one piece.

Unless your coach has no idea what he is doing, you are probably better off following his program. Baseball players doing quarter squats makes a lot more sense than max singles.

In hindsight it was really stupid ive got to agree. In theory I figured that since I was doing reps with that weight on quarter squats it wouldn’t kill me to try one rep with a spotter there as a last fail safe. Also, (although perhaps not at proper depth) a month before I’d been doing 3 sets of 5 sets at 255 so i figured 305 was a gamble that wouldn’t kill me

Hmm… I don’t think your sport needs to lift heavy weight too often. If it’s power output you’re after, there are more movements that will benefit you more. Trust me, my sport requires more leg strength than yours, and I haven’t even tested my 1 rep max since I started lifting. Ever. (I only started lifting close to around 2 years now). Yet I have clearly seen the difference that resistance training has made when I play even at my age. You see, doing 1 rep maxes doesn’t build strength, you’re just testing it. Going heavy all the time is taxing on your body. If you plan to play sports (not just baseball) for a long amount of time, trust me, you’d want to do everything to take care of yourself now. Past a certain age, you’d just be happy that nothing hurts when you move. Ask anyone here truly passionate for the sport they play and with a sports related injury, you’ll probably hear the same.

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