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Roast Beef Shake

[quote]actionjeff wrote:
In the beginning of the Arnold S movie “End of days”, hungover Arnold wakes up and makes his way to the blender. He pours in a bottle of pepto bismol, along with milk, ice, and basically every random piece of food he finds in the fridge, including two cartons of leftoever chinese food, which he casually scoops the contents of into the blender while having a conversation with his partner.

Then Arnold looks down at the floor and sees a slice of upside down, moldy pizza. He studies it, shrugs, and then picks it up and throws it in the blender, puts the top on, blends everything together, and takes a sip, commenting “They say breakfast in the most important meal of the day.”[/quote]

That’s because Arnold is the fucking man.

they have bacon ice cream as well. and you can make home made versions too. =P