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Roast Beef Healthy?


I found this recipe that sounds pretty good but requires half a pound of roast beef. I know that the deli meats are all pretty much bad due to high sodium and whatnot. Is there any brand that is healthy? Could I just slice a steak really thin?


I would pretty much classify it as a cheat food. If you just sliced it thin, you wouldnt have much of anything would you? Are you eating it with carbs? If not you could cook a roast beef for a p/f meal. But deli meats suck. high sodium and nitrosamines.


ROAST BEEF a cheat food????

My god what the hell is going on around here. KLean meats such as that usually used for roast beef are not only ok but should be a staple in any meat eaters diet. There are WAY too many great macro and micro nutrinets in there.

Roast your own if the salt bothers you.


Roast beef deli meat is bad is what i said...real roast beef with veggies minus carbs not a bad choice imo...I eat tri-tip more often myself.


The recipe I saw was in....(gasp)...Muscle and Fitness. It was a wrap with a mango salsa. Sounds kind of weird but I like roast beef and it seems like a good combo.


Then why worry about it? Are you cutting for a show? If you're just living life, lifting to feel great and look good, there is virtually bo food that you should not eat in proper moderation.

How old are you? Are you going to go for the next 40-50-60+...years not eating something because it isn't 100% perfect! Or (gasp) not a p&f or p&c or heaven forbid a c&f meal. Come on--ease up on yourself and indulge once in a while.

But when we start to consider roast beef as a cheat meal, I see confusion because of the massive info overload.


I see your point. "Cheat meal" as in usually meaning nachos pizza etc. I just try to eat as clean as i can for five or six days or so, so that when i eat garbage it has a minimal effect.

I didn't mean to cause any confusion in this thread.


On a side note, why are so many of us sodium crazy? Are we not athletes here? Will we not sweat it out and piss out the rest considering we drink a gallon of water per day?


I AGREE and really many of the athletes that worry about and get anal about the soduim intake are actually short on it. It is a very much needed electrolite.

I love my damn salt and your not taking it away.