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I just had a great time doing a roadwork circuit. You can find more info in Mike Mahler’s article at dragondoor.

Well, here’s my circuit that I really enjoyed. I’d love to hear what others have done.

5 laps - 1 warm up, 4 work laps

Station 1 - tire strikes x 20 with sledgehammer
Station 2 - monkey bars
Station 3 - Deck Squats or Burpees x 5
Station 4 - Chins x 2
Station 5 - Push-ups x 10
Station 6 - Kettlebell Swings x 10 or Turkish Get-Ups x 3 with a one pood kettlebell

Then I finished off the workout by alternating 10 tire strikes with 10 kbell snatches or c & j's.

Lots of fun, lots of sweats, lots of odd looks and questions from the people walking around the track :-)

Anybody else doing some roadwork? What variations have you come up with?

Jason, I am not doing any road work yet, but your routine sounds killer. I am a freshman in college right now, and don’t really have access to all the stuff I need to do a good job of it. Let me ask you, how long have you been doing this, and what are your goals in doing it? I love work like this and can’t wait till I can start.

Pardon my idiocy, but why are you calling this roadwork? When I hear the term “roadwork” I think of boxers running.

I do roadwork but in a different manner, not as intense as yours put it that way. But mine looks like this:

5 laps: 1 at 2min., 2-4 at 2:30min, and 5th at 2min.

KB work at 3x15 30lbs. DB’s
Jump rope work at 3min x 20 V-sits, then I perform a big circuit designed by Coach Davis basically five sets of 400 yards in variations. Finish that off with an abdominal circuit that consists of 100 reps with 5 different positions.

Zev - read the article that I mentioned for an explanation, but it is roughly based on the type of training that some boxers will do.

DKing - I'm doing this for fun. Basically, my lifting routines are very rigorous and very structured, so I don't want my cardio to be this way at all. I like to keep things fun and variable for cardio. I also tend to have the skinny fat complex, so if my cardio work can help build a little muscle along the way while stripping off some fat, then I'm all for that.

This was my first routine that I just did on Saturday. I'll probably be doing a routine similar to this once a week on the weekend when I've got a bit more time.

Also, it doesn't have to be that complex. I am just lucky and live by a park that has a track with a chin bar and parallel bars. You could just set up 4 body weight exercise stations and run from station to station and that would take zero equipment. Just get creative! That is what I did and it was a lot of fun.

After Mike Mahler’s Kettlebell workshop and reading up on a couple of his articles like “roadwork” and “Combat Fitness” and reading Matt Furey’s website.I too decided to change my workout completely for a couple of monthes. Here is what I have come up with. I have also got alot of questions and crazy looks and I don’t even have a sledghammer.

Kettlebell Roadwork: (3x Per Week)

Warm Up: 15 Minutes Stretching

1st Lap: KB: 10- Two Arm Swings (53 lb Kettlebell)

2nd Lap: B/W: 10- Hindu Push Ups

3rd Lap: KB: Pass Between Legs: 10 reps each arm (53 lb KB)

4th Lap: B/W: 10- Hindu Squats

5th Lap: KB: Cleans: 10 reps each arm(53 lb KB)

6th Lap: B/W: 10- Janda Sit Ups

7th Lap: KB: Clean and Jerks: 10 reps each arm(53 lb KB)

8th Lap: B/W: 10- Chin Ups

9th Lap: KB: Push Press: 10 reps each arm(53 lb KB)

10th Lap: B/W: 10- Hand Stand Push Ups

11th Lap: KB: Power Snatch: 10 reps each Arm(53 lb KB)

12th Lap: B/W: Back Bridge: 1 Minute

Warm Down: 15 Minutes Stretching

Ps.. the handstand and the backbridge will take some time to work up to those goals. Your thoughts? KraigY

Jason, thanks for the answer. It looks like a lot of fun. I also have the skinny fat problem, so I am gonna give it a try pretty soon. I will do my best to be creative, yours just looks great, and I would love to do tire strikes and monkey bars. Good luck.

kraig and Jason, your respective programs look great. Let me know how it goes. You will certainly shred a lot of fat with roadwork. I just wrote an article called “High Octane Cardio” that will hopefully be picked up by t-mag. You guys will love the article.

Mike, is there any way to get a sneak peek at your article in the interim? I’d love to read it!

I just finished my first week of Roadwork and I have to say it was much more brutal and satisfying than Meltdown II plus I can feel my body burning up for 3-4 hours after I finish even with Surge.

Great work Kraig and I am glad that you like the program. I look forward to hearing about your progress.

Mike, I don’t have a Kettleball, but I’m interested in Roadwork. Can you help me set up a circuit with bodyweight exercies only, or do you think that won’t be effective? Thanks for your help.

Sure that will work and you can always replace a kettlebell with a dumbbell as well. But if you want to do bodyweight drills go for it. Just do one every half lap.


Are you using roadwork for cardio a couple of times a week or are you using this as your primary cardio/lifting program.

Actually, I’m just doing some roadwork for a change of pace about once a week. Usually on Sat morning when I’ve got a bit more time. I’m just using it as a fun change of pace and as a method to get in some challenging cardio.