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Roadwork: How Much Are YOU Doing?


Well, for all my fellow fighters out there, amateur, recreational and otherwise, how about it? How many miles you logging on the good old asphalt a week? To be honest, I only do 3.5 miles twice a week... yea yea I know, but I'm gonna gear that up when I get back to school.


Noone here fucking runs? Jesus! What would Rocky and Mic say?


Damn son!

I run- rarely- but Im like old. still OG but old.
Ill do a mile sprint and try to hit 6 mins- a few times a month.
I dislike the treadmill cause the floor is moving.

If I do a track day- Ill bust out a fast 3 mile- and some sprints
and again that's like 2x or 3x a month. So nothing serious.
and maybe about that same amount Ill do some hills
so not much.

In the past I have run as much as 50 to 60 miles per week and ran the NYC marathon, but I do different stuff



i personally do a very minimal amount if any.

i run 5ks for time maybe twice a month, maybe every 3 or 4 months i might do a 10k for time but it's rare that i want to go that far.

this is definitely going to turn into the debate of "running for ages doesn't have any carry over to a fight situation" vs "yeah it does, boxers have done it for years, all the best do it" blah blah blah


I'm not going to lie... did my first road work in months yesterday. Two miles, rather slow pace. Slow for me anyways.


normally i do roadwork 3 times per week before i head to the office. One long distance run, one hill sprint training and one speed and agility work.

Since i added MMA to my muay thai training i really have recovery issues. My workload in the office increased dramatically too. So i alway skip the roadwork in favour of an extra hour sleep.

Next week i will try to add sprints and light shadowboxing in the morning again.


Good stuff. I was personally thinking about just adding one day of 400 meter repeats to my schedule of two of them 3 + mile days. Sprints fucking tear me up.



God do I hate it. I need to start again because I'd like to draw my weight down a little... but its hard to force myself to do it.

Hatred of running is the reason I started lifting to begin with. Figures I'd find my way back to sports where it's necessary...


If you don't hate road work, you shouldn't be a fighter! Lol. People who enjoy it should just run 5 and 10k races. Just my opinion.


back when i was boxing in my mid teen years i'd run 6 1/2 miles 4-5 times a week, a majortiy of the distance i'd have my hands up punching, part of the run was through a big park that had a beach, people would be looking at me crazy or callin me rocky
if i would have done some lower body weightlifting, i would of been solid


If that's you in your avatar I'd call you Antonio Margarito haha.


400's are not sprints. 100 or less is a sprint, you may be able to get away with calling a 200M a sprint. 400 meters is the track equivalent to jumping rope. Run it as hard as you can and you get to the puking or near puking point. No matter how good shape you are in too, you just run it faster and faster, it never gets easy.

Running 100 Meters is easy, you run it as hard as you can and it's easy. Running 2 miles is easy, you can run it hard and be winded but you are never pushing your body that hard. 400 meters is evil, you punish your body, your mind, your cardiovascular system, total self brutality. 800's can be sickening also, but I find it harder to push through 2 laps.

One lap is it, start fast and don't be a pussy, you can make it through 200 Meters relatively ok, then it's like well only 200 to go, but it's starting to hurt now. Shit, 150 to go, starting to really hurt but i'm coming around the corner. Hell I'm on fire and can't breathe, 80 meters to go. Shit, top gear going on nothing but will, 40 meters to go, hit it hard, Whoosh, Stumble, collapse into a pile.

I used to do that shit week in and week out during my track days. Brutal brutal distance.



My credo when training is something like "If it doesn't fucking suck, it's not worth doing." And running 400 repeats FUCKING SUCK! Yea dude, I feel you on that Vegita. Track repeats is good people.


i do my "roadwork" after boxing class, which is 3-5 times a week.
not difficult at all, just a simple mile after class.
on the weekends, i'll sometimes jog two miles in the morning. it depends. i'm not a huge fan of cardio, but a short jog every once in awhile feels good to me.

i just got back from vacation, and jogging on the early morning beach is simply amazing... ^_^


I hate running with a vivid passion. In my early teen wrestling years I ran 6 miles a day (3 first thing in the morning/2 before practice/ 1 after practice) and did sprints only because I hate losing even more.

Nowadays I do more interval training. I'll do jump rope, bear crawls, mountain climbers, high rep hindu squats, calisthenic circuits, and occaisionally running sprints. But I will avoid flat out running whenever possible.


I have always wondered if Calisthenic intervals could be used effectively in leu of running for good cardio conditioning. One thing I would add into that mix would be burpees. I recently watched a video where a guy did burpees under a pullup bar, He went down into the plank, did a pushup, came back up and jumped up to the pullup bar, did a pullup and dropped, that was one rep. Seems pretty hardcore. I can't imagine I could do more than 10 in a row without totally gassing.



Ooooh...you motherfuckers. As a 300lb wannabe-bad-ass...I despise roadwork with a passion. Especially my shins and knees..ouch. Anyways I only do roadwork when I have something going on....but I do lots of wind sprints and sled dragging...and hills pretty regularly. I usually mix those in with light weight/body weight circuits. I haven't done road work in a while...my fat ass needs it though. Can't do it now because I literally have a pain in my ass called sciatica....somebody shoot me..please.


In a nutshell, yeah it works, and yeah it sucks. I do burpees as well, I've done them all. Burpees, jump squats, jump lunges, pushup/mtn climber/pull-up/plank combos. And I really feel it helps in rolling/sparring. I get less of that'swimming in molasses' feeling as training goes on.

I just have a mental block when it comes to running. I will do anything other than run given a choice. My coach thinks I'm an oddball. One time he joked about warming up with either bear crawl suicides or some laps and I asked "where are the lines?"


In retrospect all the bigger roadwork I did in college- I did it mostly to cut weight-
and cant really do it any more.
I still do the small stuff I mentioned but the longer runs really put a dent in recovery-
while in college they helped me stay loose

I cut allot. And at that time- running 10 miles was something coaches encouraged
I ended up doing mostly 10 to 13 5 days a week bear in mind this is a 18-22 y.o.
who cuts 12 pound 2x a week- but I was a smaller athlete always under 140.

Did plenty of 400, and 800m's V is right they suck,
Plenty of hills- and sprints- at 37 road work is something less appealing to me-
I could do a 5 or 6 mile run fast- at sub 7 minute miles pretty easily- but it hurts my feet.
and ankles and hips-

as for burpees- or other calisthenics intervals- anything tabata is huge....



your 37! you talk like your 55 dude... lol I'm kidding

Yea I run because 1. I'm a cadet so we gotta 2. I plan on going in the Marines so I gotta and 3. I box, so my coach is like 'Gotta get on the road you bum!'