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Roadside Death Memorials


I get it, but it is gettin ridiculous. Driving to work today there was another new cross and flowers on the road to memorialize where a drunk was driving too fast and bashed into a pole. There are a total of 4 on my way to work. What is the lifespan of one of these things? What if more than one person dies in the same spot? Do you have to move your memorial down the road so as not to intrude? What if it is in someone's driveway or out their living room window? Does that family have to stare out at someone elses death shrine? This is not a public service or piece of art. People I don't care, stop it already.


Here's a link to a debate about the subject.


Well its obvious that people build memorials to their lost family members just to piss you off


Go blow yourself Mr.


I do merit that type of attention, and it is working.


Spent 25 years in a tow truck on a rural stretch of I-84 in Idaho. Hated them bastards, yes I respect what the family is doing but it was a constant reminder of what a shitty job driving a tow truck can be. Some have been kept nice and neat by the family for more than 20 years!!


In Greece, roadside icon memorial boxes, shaped like tiny "churches" are EVERYWHERE. In rural areas, you can't travel a quarter mile without seeing one. Driving too fast on winding roads... Some all rusted out, having been there for many decades.


At least if you take out someone maintaing one of those memorials there is already a memorial in place. Or would you have to put up an additional memorial? Or maybe this would be an efficient way of discouraging this behavior.


That's fucked up!! lol


You're an ass. With all the truly fucked up shit in the world, you have a complaint with THAT?
Heaven forbid one of your loved ones loses their life on the highway.


I think it's pointless, but I wouldn't say it to someone who has lost someone close


I gotta admit I don't like them either. If they are put up, there should be a time limit or something.

Wouldn't it better to plant a tree in a park or maybe pay for a new street light if the accident was caused by a dangerous road?



Bit pathetic that the most annoying thing to you is the memorials of loved ones.


Yes. It is the most annoying thing in my life. If I didn't put that in the original post, I meant to. Like the stick up your ass must annoy you, or maybe it doesn't. Nothing wrong with that.


How does he have a stick up his ass when you're the one complaining about a memorial to a dead person?


It's a sober reminder of life lost. If it causes one person to SLOW DOWN and not drive like an asshole determined to die or kill someone, I'm all for them.


this guy should be an honorary 09 member.
I love the crosses in the mountains that they place half way up a cliff. No idea how they get those there.


It makes me drive faster to speed past the damn things. Not everyone wants to look at crosses along the road.

I didn't even realize how much it irks me that people put their religious symbols all over public property and somehow it gets okayed. I wonder if I could start a lawsuit about them hijacking public property for religious purposes?


ohgreat, another asshole driver


only when I am drinking and while texting on my phone. Especially since I drive a stick so it really sucks when I have to text, but I just use my knees to steer.