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Roadie's Log. TRT Attempt Number Two!

Yeah cheers for that- I actually had surgery years ago (I’m prone to it), but its impossible for them to get all the gland completely and its come back over time. Its really not that bad at all at the minute (pretty similair to most blokes walking about who have clearly had one too many IPAs), however… considering I’ve had surgery once its p’*&&ing me off!

My surgeon actually offers a free re-surgery with growth so I’m gonna take him up on it. But not until I’ve dialled this protocol in to the point I can feel I’m not getting any more growth!

Got head pressure and feel a bit out of sorts after 2nd anastrozole dose today…

Dial it back already?

For what it’s worth I’ve given up on my low dose AI experiment after just 10 days of it.

I started getting nasty headaches and feeling emotionally flat, after an incredible erection quality the next morning after taking my first dose (same as you).
I was only taking 0.03 mg/day (~0.21 mg/week), so a really small dose, and didn’t feel good at all.
I decided to try other ways to control SHBG or E2.

For gyno, you could look into trying Ralox before getting surgery. There’s research showing it can greatly reduce pubertal gyno and lots of anecdotal evidence that it does from bodybuilders.

Typical protocol is 60 mg/day for the first 10 days and then 30 mg/day until it’s gone.
I just got some and am going to try since I have a bit of lingering pubertal gyno myself

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The more I play with it, the more I just want to use the AI as needed, instead of trying to keep e2 in a good range on a consistent basis. It seems like I always overshoot it lately, yet those times I feel high e2 coming along, I take .25mg and I’m set for a week or more. When I try to time it after a shot or a certain amount per week, I always end up going too low.

It may have something with the release of the AI not lining up with the release of test? Or only needing something for that first 12-24 hours after a shot, but being fine the rest of the week? IDK



How do.you feel high e2 coming on?

What do you first notice?

Since starting the ai (I’ve only had 0.25mg twice so far…

I’ve had
Higher libido
Better elections
Less moody/annoyed with everyone for little things
More energy
I’ve lost a tonne of bloat and it shows on the scales and in my physical appearance all over. Look lean and vascular- God knows how much water I was holding under my skin!!!
My itchy breast mass has stopped itching/irritating
Generally feel more positive


I’ve had a killer headache for 2 days! I used to suffer with them badly and TRT cured them, I think I used to have fluctuation in E2 badly before TRT (I’ve got bloodwork to back that), and there’s a lot of literature about E2 and migraines (mainly drops in e2).

I’m hoping once this has stabilised my headache will go.

I’m also going to change to 0.125mg now as there will be a compounding affect and I’m only 2 half lifes into taking this. If I half the dosage at this stage it should stay level at current levels rather than building more (I’ve basically front loaded then with 2 double doses by doing 0.25mg twice).


I feel like I’m getting calf pump just walking around… anyone able to tell me about why this is?

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That makes sense, I’ll keep it in mind. I might give AI’s another chance after trying a few other things, and if I do I’ll definitely try what you said.

A lot of what you wrote is also what I experienced. Next day after the first dose, I had crazy 18yo level erections, more libido, I only slept 5 hours that night but had plenty of energy the whole day, felt more motivated, etc…

Next day I started getting killer headaches also and they only went away when I stopped taking the AI. I’m moving on for now and will try to control SHBG and/or E2 other ways, but I might come back to AI’s at some point and give them a better chance if I can’t figure it out through other means (low dose Primo/Anavar, compounded scrotal cream, Test Prop…)

I experience all this the first day or two after taking about .25mg. If I feel good on day 3, I know I took the right amount. Lately I keep shooting passed this (however this week has been better). I’ve always known that if I take the AI and feel good right away then I took too much and I’m in for a few days of low e2.

I get emotional, which I don’t mind, but I notice that as e2 goes higher that goes away and I get a lot of anxiety, can’t sleep, super bloated.


Currently left the jabs at 50mg eod (175mg per week).

Taking 1/6 mg anastrozole eod with the jab. Considering my first few 1/4 mg tabs were front loading.

Feels about right so far. Gonna do bloods in 3 weeks on this protocol.