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Roadie's Log. TRT Attempt Number Two!

I used sust for 2 years 125ml e5d no problems at all apart from I didn’t react well to it (swelling). I wouldn’t buy into the “you must dose more frequently for the shortest ester” you build up stability with the longest esters anyway, I would say the fluctuations aren’t noticeable (unless you’re specifically looking for them…) I went away for fortnight and just did 250mg in one shot before I left was fine all holiday, no AI needed no crazy rollercoaster.

Definitely not recommended for subq.

125mg e5d is what I thought might be a good starting point based on knowledge on here. Thats 175mg per week.

I’ll give that a bash as a starting point as doing 2 shots from one ampoule is much easier than 3!

Yea, all straight forward that way, good luck with it, hopefully it’ll have you balanced and feeling good in no time.

If you don’t mind me asking roughly how much are you paying for your private appointments and prescription? And do you need to see you Dr face to face?

That is correct. If you are concerned with the shorter half life, some use propionate only twice weekly and do fine. Besides, you’ll have the rest of the blend in you.

Scar tissue is a non issue. I would do anything less than shallow IM, 1/2in, 27g.

Paid £240 last year- that included a 1to1 appointment- I only did 3 weeks trt then bottled it- but now I’m a 2nd year patient so its £140. Normally that would include a single face to face appointment but that was done over phone this time due to Covid.

I do bloods through medichecks.

So on Sustanon- a years cost would be

£140 Dr fees
£360 sustanon
£- needles - im currently getting them from pharmacy needle exchange like you would for a cycle of gear
£300 bloods (ish)

£800 all in for just Test using Sustanon.

Had I gone down the Test E route I guess that would be more like £1800

Thanks Highpull.

You guys are definitely right about dosage. I can feel on Test E that 5 days after 125mg went in im tanked.

I have about 3 days of some energy then back to lethargy.

Massive difference in peak and trough on every 6 day injections


What do you mean by swelling? At the injection site?

Yea like golf ball sized lumps in my butt, quads were an absolute no go, whole leg swole up, shoulders were unbearable, so I just rotated glutes and ventroglutes left and right

Have you ever tried supplementing the thyroid?

TRT doesn’t work for guys who have a low performing thyroid.

Test free t3 and reverse t3. Don’t worry about TSH.

T3 should be top of the range and t4 can be middle of range. Anything lower should be reason to trial thyroid meds.

If you can get armor thyroid I would try it. Or get some cytomel/ t3

Not sure why I’d do this- I’m borderline hyperthyroid- probably why my SHBG is so high maybe?

I’d rather supplement Test than take Thyroid meds (ones that lower it in my case)

Some more notes for log:

Moved to every 5 days 125mg (this is 175mg per week). Still on Test E but I only have 10 days worth left. Moving to Sustanon and I plan on starting on the same 125mg e5d.

Symptom relief

Concentrated on a film last night- normally cant manage this for brain fog.
Run times have already dropped slightly and I’m not aching for days/weeks after a run.
Woke up with morning wood this morning like ive not had since I was a teenager - had to push it down to take a piss: I’d forgotten what that was like!
My wife seems a lot more attractive- :heart_eyes:
Took the dog for a walk yesterday and even though it was pissing it down the world seems like a brighter place.

Long may this last!

Anyone else find Tamoxifen makes them feel like crap?

Eye pressure- bit depressed, lethargic?

I’m notnsure whether it’s I’m taking 10mg if I start to feel itchy nips so that’s a sign my Eostrogen is higher and its that or taking Tamoxifen makes me feel like crap?

Its usually about half a day after taking 10mg and lasts about a day…

Related or not?

Yep. It’s great for gyno flare ups, but does have some mental side effects. I’ve played with taking 20mg 2x per week instead of daily and that helps

Yeah I feel really miserable today and I’m sure it’s Tamoxifen. Im getting itchy nips when Test is peaking about a day after injection and taking tamoxifen. Then I don’t take it and I start to feel great when I get close to next injection.

I’m gyno prone so need to be careful with these peaks and troughs!

Really down today- script for the sustanon has turned up so thats a bonus.


I’m getting noticeable big swings on 125mg Test E e5d. I’ve got 2 jabs left before I have to move over to Sustanon-

I was thinking- when I move over would it make sense to try 80mg E3.5d (1/3 ampoule every 3.5days)- rather than half an ampoule every 5 days? Im gonna get bloods 4 weeks after starting the Sustanon

I would not have a problem with trying that.

Full on depression today.

Can Estrogen gradually build up and up and cause this?

Could it be my LH has fully shut down?

Feel like shit. Tired, negative, can’t see the light at the end of this tunnel today. Thought this TRT settling in would bea bit smoother than this.

Feel like just going getting some UGL and doing 400mg a week. Want some get up and go back!


Hang in there. Usually a shitty day brings a much better one the day after. The body tends to even out.

I"m feeling depressed today too. Often happens on a Friday for some odd reason.

Had a numb Penis for about 48 hours now.

No morning wood. Libido has gone from being like a 17 year old again to non existent…

I’m not doing bloods yet- what normally causes this? High Estrogen? High progesterone?

I’ve been using 20mg zinc every night- could that have stopped enough aromatase to make Estrogen too low?

Not panicking- I’ve read enough to know this is going to be part of the journey.

Get rid of the zinc.

Can lower estrogen a lot I’ve seen.

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Didn’t take zinc yesterday and went for a few beers last night.

Feel pretty good today and a lot of the numbness has gone.

Anecdotally I’ve not used any tamoxifen for a few days either- too many variables at the minute.

I’m also looking leaner- my face looks younger (less puffy and middle aged).

Definitely seeing some positives- I’m not aching for days after running or riding either!