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Roadie's Log. TRT Attempt Number Two!

Thanks all for the input on the High SHBG thread- with you guys giving help and insight I’ve got my head around coming back to this and I finally am giving it a proper year long attempt to get my life back.

So I’m starting a log as I’ve officially come back to this.

Starting bloods from about 3 weeks ago

Albumin 42.9 ref 35-50
SHBG 63.4 ref 18.3- 50.1
Total T 23.6 ref 9-29
E2 105 ref 41-159
FREE T 0.333 ref 0.2-0.62
Prolactin 145 ref 86-324
Free androgen index 37.2 ref 24-104

Every classic symptom. Fatigue being the tiping point to come back to this. But literally had EVERY symptom in the book!

I started Test E a a few day after these labs 3 weeks ago using some Test I had left from a TRT start last year that I aborted. This Thursday should see me back under a physician who I saw last year and I’m going to ask for a starting point of 125mg every 6 days I think - Danny cheers for your input in this, I’ll move to 5 days later if bloods show free t a bit low (I’d rather start conservative and bring it up than start too high and have to reduce dosages.

So I’m something like 3 weeks in- I’m going to sort a hand written log tonight and work back with a calender- I’m about at the point I sacked this off before last year.

So I started with 125mg every 7 days- I did 2 shots 7 days apart then moved it to 6 days for my last shot as the trough was horrendous on the 2nd shot (presumably natural production started down regulating),

I felt AWESOME the first week. I could definitely tell a difference and I knew that wouldn’t last - ED was cured. Libido back, felt less lethargic and brain fog was gone. Amazing what one injection did! Clearly low free t is causing my issues! I guess a massive sudden boost in T whilst you’ve still got all your FSH and LH working fully makes for a wild ride- especially if like me you didn’t have low total T?

I’m 2 days away from my 4th shot right now (6 day gap) and feel terrible. I cant work out if I’ve caught a bug or the declining trough with my natural production shutting down is making me feel bad.

I’m feeling really cold and all my joints hurt- I’ve been taking 10mg (half a tab) of tamoxifen every 3 days as I’m gyno prone- had surgery in the past (adult onset with no steroid use- presumably my SHBG causing this with high E2 to free t ratio). One of the reasons I’ve come back to this is I was laying LOADS of fat down on my chest again despite eating well.


Is it possible to get an almost flu like feeling a few weeks into a new protocol? Could it be the Test E oil not agreeing with me?

My head feels full of pressure- almost migraine like and has been like it 2 days- blood pressure maybe?

Anyway, I know I’m nowhere near settled yet- but thats where I’m at so far. Libido and ED has been sporadically up and down for the last 2 weeks after the first week was like being a teenager again.

I’ll keep this updated as I settle in. Thanks again for the previous advice- hope this makes sense why I haven’t tagged it on the end of a big thread about high SHBG.


You don’t have a high E2 to free T ratio. You just don’t have enough testosterone to get the things you want. 125mg probably isn’t going to do it either but since you’re dead set on starting there you’re going to take the long road which has it’s good points. Knowing for sure 125mg after 8-12 weeks isn’t enough is one of them. It’s not a popular opinion but I’m of the belief it’s easier to start high and lower the dosage than it is to start low since with starting low you get none of the good shit until you hit the minimum dosage that good shit starts happening and if you’re used to having zero good shit you may settle on having some good shit without ever trying a higher dosage that would give you all the good shit plus some shit you didn’t even think about. I’ve tried both ways starting low and starting high. Had I started high initially I would have saved a lot of wasted months feeling like poo poo.


Thanks for this. You’re not the first person to say 125 wont be enough.

It will be every 6 days so it’ll be more like 140mg/weekly.

What would you do as a starting dosage?

My physician was pretty flexible last year so there’s some play in what I do-

The one thing I want to try and mimise is quantity of injections. Being a keen cyclist I don’t really want to be pinning my quads and glutes eod etc. Its also time consuming.

The other constraint I will be up against when tweaking this is the way Test E comes over here. They come in glass ampoules that you break and draw from. Dosing smaller amounts into multiple syringes from a glass ampoule is difficult to get them consistent.


I would start at 175mg and go from there but even 150mg is a good start. I do daily shots using 28-30g 1/2 needle 1ml insulin syringes and inject in the lateral deltoid muscle switching sides each day. There’s no pain, no soreness and the whole process takes maybe 1 min. It’s a game changer because I absolutely hate pinning in the legs/ass area.

Does this not build up scar tissue over time?

Thats the thing I’m most worried about with more regular IM shots. I think dosing a 1ml 250mg vial into 3 would be possible in the future but not really any more without the doses being too different.

I don’t worry about it. The needle is so tiny

So I’m assuming I had some sort of weird virus. Was ill with going hot and cold and achy joints and it passed yesterday.

Anyway- yesterday was injection day (I do 6pm),

I was MEGA horny all day. Libido like a 17 Yr old!

Injected last night- feel OK this morning.

Think I’m a bit clearer in the head than I was- possibly slightly less tired, although if I’ve just shifted a virus then its hard to gauge.

11 hours after last post …

4 jabs in now-

I feel like shit. Tired depressed. Swear my moobs are bigger and swollen.

I’m guessing I’m aromatasing a load of what I’m putting in?

I’m going to go about another 2 weeks then get some bloods. You’d have thought having injected 24 hours ago I’d feel great- I actually felt better during the day of when my jab was due!

Is a rollercoaster at the start fairly normal?


Dr sorted me with new Test E scripts. The price in the UK for it has gone EXTORTIONATE-

The other option is to use Sustanon.

I know everyone slates it- but is it possible to get a protocal together that worls with Sustanon?

Its 1/4 the price of Enanthate- and my local pharmacies can’t even get Enanthate anyway!


How much has it increased in price?

Also what clinic are you using in the UK? Are you also on Hcg?

I got a test done with a clinic recently and they said 16.2 Nmol total T was too high to provide treatment… they stick to the guidelines (got to be <14)

Yea curious about your UK experience too, I get Test - E at about the same cost as I got sust (sust is workable, or at least it was fine for me, honestly feel no different between the two esters - although I’m not one to look to various potential symptoms and minor changes and see them as significant, if something’s really up you’ll either know for sure or blood work will tell you).

If you don’t mind me asking - who’s your provider and how much are you paying?

Make it two. I would have started with 160mg.

Interesting. Many going on AAS/PED cycles reported this, and I noticed it most of the time. Usually within the first week, low grade fever, mild body aches, you’d feel as though you’re coming down with something, but you don’t.

Hi guys,

Its a private physician not a clinic. He then gives me the prescriptions and I get them from any pharmacy. It seems a lot of the clinics have their own sources for Test E and Test C that doesn’t come through the normal pharmacy route.

The price of Test E from a Lloyds pharmacy was quoted at £128 for 3 ampoules (250mg per ampoule). Sustanon is £11 an ampoule (250mg) from the same pharmacy.

I’m waiting for my physician to come back to me but based in cost I don’t have much choice but to use Sustanon at this stage.

Its a starting point and to be fair I’m feeling A LOT better having been on the Test E for about 3 weeks now, think I’m stabilising a bit.

I’ve agreed with my Dr a starting protocol (he doesn’t know I self started 3 weeks ago), of 125mg every 6 days. Thats 140mg per week. If that moves to 5 days then that will be 175mg per week.

I had an incident earlier today where a runner at the park shouted “on your right”, “ON YOUR RIGHT”. I was just walking with the family- I nearly chased them down to rip their head off so at the minute I think I need to be careful not to take more. My brain clearly isn’t used to having a decent supply of Test in it!

Libido and E.D. has been cured at the min.
I’m still tired in the day
Exercise isn’t making me ache for days and days afterwards like it was.
I’ve got itchy chest fat tissue
Brain fog is a lot better, went out for dinner last night and didn’t feel like I was going to fall asleep mid meal!
Wife seems a lot happier and says I’m like a different person- happier, less depressed, not getting worked up and anxious about small kittle issues-
Its looking a fairly positive start so far- Im guessing I haven’t fully shut down yet and there’s a big rollercoaster to overcome yet?

Thanks that’s interesting, huge price difference, for reference I pay £90 per month for Test E (fixed price not dose dependent) which also includes Drs stuff, only extra for blood tests. Not sure how that compares when you factor in Drs costs.

Never happened to me and doesn’t happen all the time, a lot of those things are psychosomatic so I’d definitely steer clear of looking for them or expecting them - like I said if they happen you’ll know, and you’ll know causes it no need to worry either way.

What’s the name of the doc? Is it doctor Savage?

Yeah I’d prefer if these companies would let you use a prescription at any pharmacy to shop around for a decent price, instead of some provider having a monopoly. Suppose it’s likely they have deals set up.

I’d rather not name my physician on here.

There’s association with the other part of the forum which isn’t about TRT.

Also Test E seems nigh on impossible to get these days from a UK pharmacy

Perhaps you need more? That asshole needed to be run down and smacked…


Ha- yes, well dont think that would have gone down well with the wife. In all seriousness I did have to really restrain myself from running after them- which is pretty out of character for me


Have you seen anyone successfully dialled on on Sustanon?

I was thinking if I inject frequently enough the mix of esters shouldn’t matter too much once I get sufficient half life’s going-

The smaller amount of prop coming from multiple injections will likely cause less estrogen conversion too?

If I were to split it into 3 doses per vial and do 1 shot every 3.5 days that would be 250mg/10.5 x7 so 167mg per week allowing for losses with 3 needles prob around that 160mg mark.

Also- does anyone know, can you do sustanon subq? I don’t like the idea of 2 IM injections every week- I’m looking at the long term game here and scar tissue is something I’m conscious of