Whelp, it’s that time again. I’ve tried out logs a few times before but I have never really been that consistent with them and I figure it is about time to change that.

I am looking to make the jump from 240 lbs to 270 before the summer comes to a close. I would like the majority of my weight to get put on the shoulders, back, and arms seeing as how most of my weight lies in my legs. I have recently been blessed with several injuries that are sitting at about 85% for the most part.

Current maxes:
Bench: 275x8 pre injury
Squat: 425x1, 315x13
Deadlift: 455x1

I’m planning on hitting it hard starting tomorrow and keep it going up until finals time then start a little bit of a deload to focus on my tests. After that I’ve got all summer to hit it with all I’ve got and dominate.

Today was kind of a bad day for training. I studied last night until like 4 and then woke up at 10 to study some more before my test at noon. Got done and then came back to sleep until about 430. Woke up extra groggy and dragging quite a bit but I decided to train arms anyway.

All exercises ramped up to weight listed

Ez bar curls 100x8 4 sets
PJRs 70x10 3 sets
DB Curls 50x6 3 sets
Tricep push downs 170x7 4 sets
Reverse Curl 70x10 5 sets

I was not too terribly happy with today’s session because I was not able to push too much weight but I was happy that I got it done.

Quote of the day
“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take -Wayne Gretzky” -Tommytoughnuts

Yesterday was a pretty good day for doing shoulders. I can’t quite remember exactly what I did but I was able to push some pretty good weight considering my shoulder having dislocated the other day.

Today is leg day and I am pretty geeked up about that. I have A LOT of steam to blow off after this round of tests and I am going to demolish some weights this afternoon.

I had a pretty good session today with legs.

Front Squats Ramped up to singles with 315 for a few sets then dropped it down to 225 and did sets of 5
RDL 225x6
Smith Calf Raises 315x15 4 sets
Seated leg curls 125x8 3 sets

My hamstrings were pretty trashed after the RDL’s, I enjoyed the mess outta doing them. Same with my calves