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Road Trip Music

What would be some of your must haves on a long road trip?

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Yeah let see how long the mod allows these link to stay up. This is my kind of road trip tunes.

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Tell me ((( is this not why we do it all. )))

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Fun to sing while driving

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Haven’t done it yet, but next long solo road trip I’m going to attempt the Led Zepathon - all 9 Led Zep albums in chronological order. Approximately 9 hours of badassdedness.


Few hours of rolling stones greatest hits usually does the trick

Coffinworm! Grrr woarrrrr rawrrrhhh!!!

No, really, I would probably do this:

I listen to podcasts if on my own and chat if I’m not alone or be happy in blissful silence. Failing that, this is a good driving tune

Def Leppard, ZZ Top, Eagles, Boston, Journey, Loverboy, Motley Crue…get the drift? Pretty much anything from 80’s hairbands