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Road to Victory

This was 3-5-13 workout… .Shoulder press machine 4x15â?¦ 85, 85,85,100 Chest support row machine 4x12 100,100,115,115 DB side laterals 4x10 15lbs DB one arm row 4x10â?¦.45,45,50,50 DB front raises 5x10â?¦15lbs Arnold DB press 3x12â?¦ 25 lbs Rear delt flys x20 25lbs Db thrusters 4x12 20lb DB

Today’s workout

Cardio- 5miles 38min 23sec

Row machine

DB One arm row

Hammer Curls

Preacher Curls

Cable incline pushdown
4x15…unsure of the weight…but 6,6,6,7

Rope Cable curl

Knee/Hip Raise On Parallel Bars

Bent over barbell row
4x10…I dont know how much the EZ bar weighs…but total 80lbs added to bar

Nice work Ash! Your a beast… I love it! Keep up the awesome lifting!!! You should start posting pics soon for before and afters. :slight_smile:

Thanks Chels! Im trying…pics are up…

Ash! You look incredible!!! How long have you been lifting for? Awesome work on your back! Looking fab!

Hahaha…I wouldn’t say “incredible” fits…but im trying! I’ve been lifting since end of november of last year…I lost a tremendous amount of muscle last year when I was in a wheel chair for about2.5-3 months. then on crutches. So its a long road to being “fit”

Your doing a great job! I think it is always a long road to being “fit,” but a necessary lifestyle change for a healthier and longer life :slight_smile: And yes you look pretty darn awesome!!!

Well thank ya Mrs. Chels!! now lets get it girrrrrl!

Today’s workout

Cardio- 5.5mi run 44min

hammer curls 25lb DB 4x12
Rope press down…100lbs 4x12
Preacher curls 85,85,85,100lbs x15
EZ bar Skull crushers 30lbs plus bar, 4x15
push-ups on 25lb DB to fail 3x
bicep curls 25lb til fail 3x
Dips til fail 3x
overhead cable curls 3x10
Roman chair leg lifts 3x25

Yesterday’s workout
Cardio 5mi 43 min

Chest press machine 4x15 100lb,115,130,115
Chest supported back machine…4x15…100,115,115,100
DB flat bench press 30x6,35x6,40x6,40x6,40x6
Meadow rows 3x15 45lbs
Cable cross (number 2 on machine) 3x15
Rear delt destroyers 45lbs 3x15
Cable Crunches 150 with 120lbs

Yesterdays workout

Cardio–bicycle 30 min, interval workout chosen, 290 cals burned, 8 miles covered

Shoulder press 4x12 85lbs
DB side laterals 15lbs 4x12
Barbell rear delt row 60lbs bar…4x10
Cable incline pushdown 4x12 7,7,7,8
close grip front lat pull down 3x10 85lb
barbell shoulder raise…6x5 115lbs
external rotation cable 4x12 set at 2 on machine
leg raises 3x25