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Road to the Arnold - MD


Muscular Development is doing an interesting series of videos following several bodybuilders on their road to the Arnold.

Kai Greene:

Branch Warren:

Click Next/Previous below the videos for many more videos. The bodybuilders commentate on the videos. Listen to Kai. He knows a ton about the mechanics of lifting. He has some great things to say.


Damnit I need fucking subtitles!



Kai talks about the mechanics of front squatting and different ways to do them.


2009 Arnold Classic Preview with Lonnie Teper and Shawn Ray




Branch training chest and the MetroFlex owner talking about training.


You guys should like this: http://mdtv.musculardevelopment.com/content/view/1918/218/

Kai talking about motivation
I'm really liking this guy.


LIGHT WEIGHT!! His shoulders and triceps are just unreal in the previous vid.


Artem I'm impressed lol Less than a yr ago you were just some punk kid who didn't know dick about bodybuilding...now your a fan...shoot I'd even say your becoming a man.


JK brotha...

when are you posting progress pics dood?



When I can be proud to take some man.


Thanks for the links. I enjoyed watching those. Motivating as hell and I always seem to get an idea or two from them.


I can dig that...stay it it man.

I just finished all those vids today..Kai's question threads are pretty good...he's very philosophical lol that dood is definitely a character...



yup i've been watching those for the past few weeks. Kai definitely trains heavy and intense, but currently working w/ Charles Glass he's more of a mad scientist or philosopher, his ideologies on training intertwine w/ his artist self, he seems to view it as creating art so to speak.

Branch, well that chest video is just intense!

Hard to believe Kai is 290lbs at 5'8" so close to the show!


I thought they only took steriods and no serious training to look the way they do 'cuz of their genetics :wink:


click on the in the trenches section there is a ton of really good training videos


God Damn, Branch is deff an inspiring man to watch


I now see how I'll be killing time at work for the next couple of weeks *cough 'months' * lol

They wouldn't be likely to pull the road to the Arnold videos down after the comp, right?


Awesome videos, very informative.


training video archive
Enjoy your lack of productivity. :slight_smile:


Kai is one weird guy, very entertaining tho


If Kai can show up at the Arnold in this condition I think its over