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Road to Recovery


Hi everyone...

I am new to this forum but not new to T-Nation.I recently met a minor car accident and hurt my lower back and upper arm...was advised strictly no workouts..but have recovered fully now and now aim to compete in a physique competition.

I am not sure where to start..which program to follow...something like 5/3/1 or go for a volume based program.

yesterday i went for squats and got stuck in the hole with 100kgs..pretty disappointing and angry...then asked a douche for a spot and he didn't spot at all ..just left me there..

I need some help guys to get back and gain some lean mass..specially in my legs..that's one area i want to focus more on...

has anyone here in these forums followed the Indigo program and found results??

any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

my numbers are below

Age: 32
Height: 6'0

Squat: 100kgs
Overhead Press: 60kg
bench Press: 90kg
Deadlift: 120kg