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Road to Recovery: Hstrella's TRT Log

Good day to you all,
I come as a humble 31 yr old male standing at 6 ft tall and weighing in at 220 lbs. Fat percentage I have always been on the fluffier side at >20% (not really rested). I have been strength training for about 1.5 years but my numbers do not match the training because of a knee injury. I had two full thickness tears of my menisci on my left knee that needed to be repaired surgically. Because of said surgery I’ve quite the noticeably atrophy of my left leg.

I have resumed training and I’m now LB squatting 250 lbs, ohp 125, BP 195, and DL 305. Definitely not amazing numbers but I’m currently on intermediate programming and being coached by a strength coach. My eating habits are good and can track my macros well. My question is this: Should I continue recovery and wait until my numbers are higher to then start PEDS? OR Could I start now to help my recovery progress faster? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

Give stats prior to injury

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Continue working on recovery and building your strength up. 1.5 years is not nearly long enough training naturally before starting gear. Train naturally until you maximize your genetic potential, than think about taking the next step. No offence meant at all but those numbers are terrible for your size, you dont need steroids, you need to train hard, eat right and get those numbers up naturally

Stats prior to injury were much less than now. I was barely getting started in my Novice strength progression. I injured myself at a 205 lb squat. I believe I had a 170 bench, 105 ohp, and 250 dl.
I was previously untrained and have never been athletic. Can easily put on fat mass but muscle not so much.
Recovery is still slow and I’m having to deload due to discomfort. I am having my testosterone checked and soon will see my ortho.

No offense taken. I know my numbers are pathetic. Hadn’t it been for my injury I would be at Or near my potential… Man my size should be DL 500+, SQ 400, BP 300, and OHP 200+. But again myself am not very athletic so those numbers might be even high for me…
I’m just thinking a higher testosterone might make my recovery quicker? I read a study which looked at post op knee replacement individuals who were given Steroids to see if it would help with recovery. Don’t take my word for it but I believe the steroid group recovered about 30 to 40% better…

Quick update: I managed to convince my doctor to run labs and this what I got: total t: 360 Free T: 103. SHBG: 16 nmol/L. I’m within normal limits according to their scale but from what I’ve read I’m below average…

I’m gonna be making an appointment with a Mens clinic Doctor… Want to see what’s his take on my #s

Yes you could hit those numbers. I’m older than you and it took me 15 years to hit those numbers. Point being, you need to train longer. You are just beginning. Do you need to pull 500 to start a cycle… no. But you’re barely half way there man.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my thread but I saw my GP which referred me to a Mens clinic Doctor. He did additional bloodwork (which I will post as soon as I can) and had me start TRT. He gave me a loading dose of 300 mg of Test cypionate (grapeseed) IM. He gave me 1 tab of arimidex and had me take 0.25 mg about 12 hours post injection and then 0.5 mg about 24 hours post. The last quarter he had me save just in case I experienced high E symptoms.
In reality I believe I might have experienced low E because I felt hot flashes, flushing, and irritability. I then went in and he had me start a protocol injecting 90 mg E3.5D with a 500IU HCG injection 24 hours pre injection, and 0.25 mg arimidex 24 hours post injection. So far I haven’t felt much difference. Maybe a slight energy boost, but nothing life changing. I’ll keep a trt log and any input would be appreciated.

You may need to stop ai at least for a week.

Can I ask why I would need to stop the AI? The low e2 symptoms have subsided a bit. I am still taking 0.25 mg arimidex post injection. Im going to see what my post protocol labs say in regards to e2 levels if my symptoms don’t get worse.

They’re guys who crash their e2 with just .1 mg of dex. The loading dose thing is not effective for hormone replacement. Creates a wild swing for you with extreme symptoms.

A good number of guys do not need an AI with normal trt doses. Those who take it crash their e2. They stop the AI. Then they feel what they think is high e2 as e2 recovers from the crash. So then they take ai again. And it goes on and on…

You need to give your body at least 6 weeks to stabilize e2 and t levels. And stick it out.

Fair enough… Thanks for the input! Much appreciated! I’ll definitely wait it out and give my body time to reach “new” homeostasis. I’ll run it by my doctor if my symptoms worsen as well.

Btw you are running 180 mg a week. I inject 88 mg a week. Some guys need to lower dosage especially when over 150mg to bring down e2.