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Road to Raw Unity...


Hello, my name is Jeremy Hamilton, and yes you read the title right, 7 months to go until Raw Unity and im training for it now. The ultimate goal is the 198lb total record.

My best comp lifts are a 573s 446b 705dl @ about 212lbs

Im making this log for a few reasons. By putting these goals in writing I feel like they become a reality before I even accomplish them. Also just to share my ideas with everyone here and get others input.

Right now im training using Wendlers 531 and I think its super. But some times im just all over the place with my training.


Today was suppose to be a deload but im finding out that I hate to deload so much. I dont know if I can do them anymore. When I deload I eat like shit and dont rest like I should. When I go back to lifting again I feel weak.

405x1 belt on
585x1 pr
410x10 no belt

So my deload turned into a squat pr. It was tough but im confident that ill squat 600 by the end of summer.


I think ive seen a few of your videos over on youtube?


This should be very interesting. That's my kinda meet.

What's your walking around weight, do you cut much for a contest?


Maybe. I only have a few vids up on my channel. I am hoping to get some more in the coming months.


I walk at 210-212 right now. This year I weighed in at 212 without any cutting. Next year I might have to make a huge Kroc type cut to make the 198s.


What template are you using for your accessory work on the program, if you don't mind me asking. I have been running the 5/3/1 program as well and love it. It is great to see that it works for more experienced lifters as well.


My accessory work is somewhat of a joke. Other than weighted pullups I cant stick to anything.

For squats I will usually do goodmornings. For bench I might do some close grip or some light db presses. I love dips but they just dont feel right for helping my bench. For push presses I do some oh db clean and presses. Right now I dont do anything for deads, maybe a couple of backoff sets without a belt.

I think the reason that 531 has worked so well the last 3 months is because its such a change from what I was doing before. I was never pushing to failure on anything and mostly would just add or take away frequency. When I stall on this I will go back to a more frequent lifting schedule, probably with benching soon.


Impressive lifting for a deload day. Please post a video link when you start recording.


Did you do something similar to Sheiko before coffee? Will be really cool to follow along with your log, thanks for posting!


I got started on a sheiko routine but I ended up getting sick and didnt go back to it. Im not saying that it wouldnt work for me but when you work in a gym all day and then lift for 2.5 hours, it just gets to be a bit much.

I have had great results with power to the people though. Thats what I mean by more frequency. High intensity, low daily volume.


Thanks, I wouldn't count it as a deload though haha. I will start posting some vids eventually, maybe not until the fall when I start hitting some more singles.


My thoughts exactly. I like what Sheiko has done for me lately, but 2.5-3 hours is a huge time commitment, and life has a way of getting in the way at times.

I'm will be following your log with interest. You put up some very respectable number coffee.


Thank you sir. I will have to say the same to you. I enjoyed reading your smolov log. I am too scared to try it :wink:


365x8 - junk


Inc Db press

bb tri ext

Im not pleased with the benching lately. My best with 365 is 9 reps and I was expecting to beat that today. I got angry and decided to do a couple of more sets. I might play around with the volume a bit on the bench. I dont want to stop the 531 just yet because its really going good for my squat. I will stay with it in hopes of breaking 600 in august. benching is undecided.

I fear deads tomorrow. Its never good after taking an extra week away from them.


Oh, give it a try. It's only 13 weeks, you've got plenty of time before the Raw Unity Meet right?


You never know on that :slight_smile: your back might feel great enough that you could get a PR.


Now thats some positive thinking, maybe just what I need!


I would really like to, but im not sure what it will do to my bench and deadlift if I do.

How did the rest of your lifts hold up during it? Do you think it would be worth doing the 3 week base meso only?


They held pretty steady. I didn't DL at all except for some speed deads during the switching phase. I ran the Smolov Jr. for my Bench, but cut the volume in half, and stretched the program out by only doing 2 bench workouts a week. Bench might have even gone up a little, which is rare for me.

I think I liked the Base better than the intense just for the set/rep scheme, and I got bigger gains out of the base, so it's probably worth just doing that.

If you can handle the volume, then go for it. If not, then work up to 3 Squat sessions/wk, or run the intro microcycle first. I got 85lbs out of the whole program, and 50 out of the Base. 50lbs in 3 weeks. I put 25lbs on my Squat in the 52 weeks before that...