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Road to Ragnarok



28 Mar 19

Trap bar deadlift 360x8
Push Press 215 x1 (PR) , 220x1 (PR)

Zercher hold x 10 sec
365 (4 sec)


You’re hitting some fairly frequent PR’s lately, that’s always motivating to keep you going. Oh, and I agree with you about doing Zercher squats bottom-up off pins, I like it a lot better than out of a rack. Of course the main reason I started doing them was to help with doing the Conan wheel and stone loading for strongman, and bottom up is a lot closer to what you’d be doing lifting a stone off the ground.


1 April 19

Decided to switch to a bro split for 2-3 weeks, my body is feeling pretty beat up (my hip flexors have gotten so tight that standing up after sitting for awhile leaves my back in excruciating pain lol) and my exams are coming up so a bit more time in the mornings to get to class won’t hurt.


Zercher hold 3x 10sec @ 255, 1x20 sec @ 155

Cable Row 5x8
Lat pulldown 3x10
Facepull 2x10
Straight arm pulldown 1x10



Sorry for the late reply man, didn’t check my log all weekend. Yeah it definitely does, I’m excited to finally put 225 overhead in the next month or two!

I can definitely see how it would carry over to Conan’s wheel, for sure. Do you complete in Strongman?


15 Apr 19

Back from a bit of a lay off today, just did some easy stuff to get back into the groove.

3x6-12 of:

Strict press
HS chest press
HS pulldown


How do you find Zercher squats?

I have just started doing them myself, and Im not sure Im going to be able go more than 200 lbs in my elbows as I progress.

What is a Zercher hold?



16 Apr 19
Pulled sumo today, got 365x1 which was alright considering the lay off and what not.

@theBird yeah man it takes a bit of time, I remember about a year ago when I started doing Zercher stuff I could barely hold 95lbs in the crook of my arms without it hurting like an absolute bitch lol

Zercher holds is just unracking the bar like you’re about to do a Zercher squat but then just standing there for however many seconds!