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Road to Ragnarok


26 Feb 19

Yesterday (25 Feb) I was at the gym but started feeling a bit unwell, I still managed to work up to 275x1 on the front squat and 175x1 on the press, but seeing as it was supposed to be my 3RM day I’m just going to use last weeks percentages over again.



Deadlift 260/275/285/295/315
Press 135/145/155/160/165
Front squat 185/205/220/230/245
Bench from pins 185/205/225/235/245
Pendlay Row 155/165/175/190/205

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Solid numbers.



28 Feb 19


Deadlift 220/240/260/280/315
Press 120/135/150/160/165
Front squat 170/185/205/225/245
Bench from pins 170/185/205/225/245

HS pulldown 3x12 plus a couple sets of curls

Realized today that the combination of deads and Pendlay rows was probably what was making my low back act up. I was right. Deadlifts today were money and all flew up like nothing once I dropped the rows. Will probably just add bodybuilding style back work afterwards like I did today and revisit Pendlays in the “power look” cycle of B4B


Thanks man! @theBird
(They are in pounds and not kg though lol)

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4 Mar 19

Establish 3RM:

Deadlift 330x3
Press 170x3
Front squat 255x3
Bench from pins 265x1 (lol) will probably just base percentages off an estimated 3RM of 250 for the Bench.


Cable Row 2x10


Do you test the maxes in a circuit fashion or is it one exercise at a time?
That’s a lot of maxes to test in one day (weekly) haha



Hey man! I do them in circuit fashion and drop the exercises from the circuit as I hit my maxes (so I stopped doing overhead press pretty early on this morning but continued with the other exercises for example)

The Monday/3RM workout isn’t as bad actually, I find it the easiest out of the week but that’s because the 5/4 rep sets really drain me more than doubles or singles.

Edit: one thing I noticed though is my low back is getting pretty beat up from deadlifting every day. I think if I run the strength version of B4B again I’d sub sumo or trap bar in instead.

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Great name and from my part of the world :slight_smile:


4 Mar 19 (PM)

BJJ x2hrs

Practiced guard passes for 30 mins then did 20mins of shark tank style guard passes and finished with a few 6 minute rounds of sparring.

Today ( 5 Mar 19)

Was pretty wiped from last night so took it easy:

Front squat 95/115/135/185/205/225(1)
Strict press 95/115/135/155/155
+deadlift 5x5 @ 135 to give my back a break

HS pulldown 3x10


Welcome to the log man! Your from Canada as well then?


7 Mar 19


Deadlift (5x5 @ 135 again as my low back is still bugging me)
Strict press 95/135/155/165/175
Front squat 95/135/185/225/245
Bench from pins 135/185/225/245/245


11 Mar 19

Decided to try some different exercises with the B4B template:

Establish 3RM:

Trap bar deadlift 400x3
Bench press 230x3
Zercher hold ( just going to use the same weight as the bench for 10 seconds each set)
Push Press 205x3 (PR)

GHR 1x15, BW


12 Mar 19

Strength circuit:

Trap bar deadlift 3x3 @ 350
Push press 3x3 @ 185
Zercher hold 3x10sec @ 205
Bench Press 3x3 @ 205


14 Mar 19

Strength circuit:

Trap bar deadlift 3x6 @ 260
Push Press 3x6 @ 155
Zercher hold 3x10 sec @ 185
Bench Press 3x6 @ 185

Zercher hold 3x10 sec @ 225
+Farmers walk 3x20m @ 220

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15 Mar 19

Strength circuit:

Trap bar deadlift 420x2x1
Bench Press 240x1
Push Press 225x2xfail (FUCK)
+a couple sets of Zercher holds in between sets

Edit: just to add some notes: Did 2 singles at 420 with the trap bar, which is a 15lbs PR. Bench was 5 pounds less than my PR but I wore elbow sleeves for the 245 Bench so I guess it’s roughly the same. This is the 3rd time is about 4 months I thought I could get 225 overhead. Starting to get a little pissed at myself about this but can’t do anything other than keep trying.


Strict press:
170x3 (PR) 185x1 (PR)

Zercher full cycle
Worked up to 205x3, I think I’m just gonna do Zercher squats out of the rack this week, but I’ll use the 205x3 to calculate the rest of my weights for the week.


19 Mar 19


Zercher squat x3 @ 225
Strict press x3 @ 160

GHR x6
Zercher hold x10sec @ 275


21 Mar 19

Strength circuit:

Strict press 3x1 @ 185
Bottoms up Zercher squat from pins 3x1 @ 275

Farmers walk 3x20m @ 240

Notes: really like the bottoms- up Zerchers, feels a lot more natural to do them this way, not quite sure why though.


Zercher squat 4x6 @ 185
Press 4x6 @ 135


25 Mar 19

Worked up to a 2RM, circuit fashion:

Trap bar deadlift 420x2 (PR)
Push Press 205x2 (=PR)
+10 sec Zercher hold every round with 255