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Road to Ragnarok



20 Dec 18

Front squat
5x3 @ 225

Paused Front Squat
2 sets with 135, 2 sets with 185. Didn’t count reps just focused on staying strong in the hole

Top half front squat from pins + front rack hold
2 sets with 275, 2 sets with 315. Didn’t count reps again here, focused on exploding up then held a strong front rack for around 10 seconds each rep


Snatch technique with empty bar + GHD sit-ups

Edit: I had to dump the bar during my second set of front squats. First time for everything I guess. Didn’t think it was a big deal at the time, just re racked the bar and carried on. But I may have fucked up my wrist ever so slightly when it happened, I’ve got a stabbing sensation about half way up my forearm and into my thumb, and I found out the hard way it doesn’t bear weight very well when I tried to get up off the floor lol. Hopefully no big deal but just wanted to note it hear in case it turns into a problem down the road.


21 Dec 18

Push Press
4x3 @ 185

Football bar strict press
5x4 @ 135

Squat snatch technique x a couple reps with 95

Upper back pump work, face pulls, upright rows , straight arm Pulldowns x a bunch

Wrist was worse today. I’m thinking I’ll have to sub out the front squat and clean next week with Deadlifts and Zercher squats respectively. Pretty sure it’s just a bad sprain so hopefully giving it a bit of a break next week will mean it’ll be fine by the new year.


23 Dec 18


Ramped to 315+60(ish) in chains x1
225+the same chains x10

Snatch grip double paused Deadlift 4x4 @ 135
+assisted pull-up machine 4x5 @ -70lbs

GHR 2x6 with isometric hold at the top
+DB Row 2x8 @ 90

Farmers walk x40m @120/hand
Air bike x 30sec


24 Dec 18

Swiss Bar Bench
3x3 @ 225

Swiss Bar CG Bench +30lbs chains
135x4, 185x4, 155x6, 135x8

Paused Swiss bar bench
4x4 8 second pauses 1 inch above chest
@ 135

Rope push down 2x20


26 Dec 18

Zercher squat
3x3 @ 225

SSB paused
1x4 @ 205, 3x4 @ 175

SSB box squat
1x4 @ 245, 3x4 @ 245+70lbs chain

SSB 1x10 @ 155


27 Dec 18

Push press
3x3 @ 190

Bottom half push press
4x4 @ 225

Log Z press
4x4 @ 145

Chain lateral raise



29 Dec 18

Strongman medley:

-farmers walk 140lbs/hand x20m
-log waiter walk 92lbs x20m
-Zercher carry 135lbs x20m
-jump rope x25 skips


Good stuff!
The waiter walk must be with two hands?
You can do more than 25 skips


Yeah man I usually only ever do waiter walks with both hands. I just did 25 to break in a new speed rope I got for Christmas haha


31 Dec 18

Squat - 365x1 (belt and knee sleeves)
Pretty much my first time doing a proper low bar squat, felt pretty good. 50lbs PR

Bench - 245x1 (elbow sleeves, wrist wraps)
Might have had 255-260 but the gym was empty so no spotters, still a 20lbs PR.

Deadlift - 375x1 (belt, knee sleeves)
25lbs PR, 405 wouldn’t get off the floor and 395 stopped just at my knees.


2 Jan 18

Front squat 275x1 (25lbs PR)

Push Press 225xfail, couldn’t get the bar past my forehead, sad face.

Zercher squat 265x1

Wrist is feeling a bit better, not sure if it’s ready for BJJ just yet but I think I’ll be good to do some Oly tomorrow!


3 Jan 18

Snatch - worked up to 115x1 tried 135 a couple times but just couldn’t get under the bar

Oly squat
(Front squat) 225x1

Klokov Press- worked up to 135x1
Plus a couple sets of chins


4 Jan 19

Decline Bench

Pendlay Row
Worked up to 255x1

Sumo Deadlift
Worked up to 405xfail

4x10m @sled+220


7 Jan 19


Frankenstein squat
3x6 @ 135, 4 second eccentric

3x6 @ 185

3x6/leg @ 24kg KB

Farmers walk
3x20m @ 80/hand


Aerobic capacity - nasal breathing only

Row x5mins
Elliptical x10mins
Bike x15mins


8 Jan 19


Hang clean
4 singles with 135

Really just trying to work on my 3rd pull here, I kinda suck at it right now.

Power jerk
Worked up to 205x1

Again mostly technique work

Front squat
3x1 @ 225

Did these for speed to practice shooting out of the hole.


9 Jan 18

Chest supported row
3x6 @ 140

Upper back deadlift
1x6 @ 225, 2x6 @ 135

Incline bench
1x6 @ 185, 2x6 @ 135(4 second eccentric)

Assisted pull-up
3x6 @ -70

2x20m @ 90

Serratus crunch, side bend, pallof Press x2 sets each

Aerobic capacity - bike x20mins, nasal breathing only


10 Jan 19

Heels-elevated goblet squat
3x6 @ 24kg
+GHR 3x6

BB split squat
3x6/side @ 115

Trap bar farmers walk
3x20m @ 260

Aerobic capacity- nasal breathing only:
Elliptical x 10mins
Bike x 20mins


11 Jan 19

Bench Press
3x5 @ 205

DB shoulder press
3x6 @ 70/hand

Cable Row

Lat pulldown

3x20m @ sled+90


14 Jan 19

Front squat

Reverse hyper
2x6 @ 50
2x6 @ 100

Walking lunges
2x20m @ 2x35lbs KB

Offset carry (24kg Rack, 32kg suitcase)


15 Jan 19

Incline bench
185 3x6

DB Bench
80/hand 4x6

Chest supported row