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Road to Ragnarok



Where can I find the Power Look program? Looks cool (but I highly dislike that name haha)


There ya go buddy! @vision1


29 Nov 18

Push press
5x5 @ 165

Strict press
2x6@135 2x6 @115

High incline DB bench
3x6 @ 50s

Rear delt fly 1x20, facepull 2x10

Went to BJJ tonight as well. Professor was sick so it turned into open mat. Rolled for about 40 minutes. I am gassed.


30 Nov 18

Zercher full cycle 4x1@225
+trap bar farmers walk 4x20m @260

Prowler high handles
2x20m @ sled plus 165lbs


3 Dec 18

Power clean from floor
10x3@ 135
3x1@ 135

2 position mid pull from floor
2x6 @ 185 (pause below knee)

Pendlay Row
2x6 @ 185


Reverse hyper

Farted really loud during my second set of hypers, good thing the gym isn’t too busy in the morning lol.

Switched it up to 10x3 instead of 5x6 for the cleans. Same volume overall but I felt the need to go heavier this week (I was VERY conservative with my 1RM for the power clean when I calculated all the percentages because I hadn’t done them in quite awhile) instead of upping the intensity and keeping the rep scheme the same I just cut the sets in half so I could focus on technique. It was getting to the point where 120 was getting a bit hard to clean properly because it felt so light.


4 Dec 18

Bench Press
5x6 @ 185
Paused the last rep of the last set and it still flew up, really happy about that.

DB full ROM bench
2x6 @ 80s

CG Bench (just didn’t feel the floor press today)
2x6 @ 185

Assortment of KB curls/hammer curls, French press and some forearm work x 2 sets each


5 Dec 18

Front squat
5x6 @ 200
Last set was actually 4+2, my upper back started giving out so I racked it for 15 seconds before I finished the set.

Pause Frankenstein squat
2x6 @ 135

Split squat
2x6 @ 135


The 5x6 week was definitely the ball-buster for me.


Yep absolutely, the squats took a lot out of me today for sure. I’m just happy I got below parallel for all my reps lol


6 Dec 18

Push Press
5x6 @ 165

Strict press
2x6 @ 135
Plus some pull ups between sets

High incline DB bench
1x6 @ 50s, 1x6 @ 65s

Facepull 3x10


7 Dec 18

Zercher full cycle
2x1 @ 135
2x1 @ 185
2x1 @ 225

3x20m @ sled plus 180

Side bends and plate sit ups x a few


10 Dec 18

Power clean from floor
3x3 @ 155

Clean mid pull from 2 inch deficit
4x6 @ 135

BB row with 2 sec pause
4x6 @ 135 (2 sets clean grip, 2 sets snatch grip)

GHR 3x8

Reverse hyper 2x10


11 Dec 18

Bench Press
3x3 @ 205

Wide grip paused bench
4x6 (2@ 135, 2@ 155)

Pin bench (elbows at 90 degrees)
185 x6, 205 x2x6, 225x6

Curls, hammer curls, French press x a couple sets each


12 Dec 18

Front squat
3x3 @ 225

1.25 Front Squat
4x4 @ 135

Top Half Front Squat from pins
225x6, 275x6, 315x2x6


13 Dec 18

Push press

Bottom half push press

Top half pin press
2x6 @ 135, 2x6 @ 185

Facepull 3x10


14 Dec 18

Little circuit of prowler, waiter walks and suitcase walks for 4 rounds. Just a short session today as I’ve got an early morning exam to write.


Your training is looking good, are you still doing much BJJ?


@vision1 thanks man! Not as much as I’d like unfortunately, I’ve had a lot of late nights this semester with classes and assignments and also work. My schedule for the new year looks a lot lighter though because I’ve got some online classes so my nights will be free more often. (My gym only has Jits classes at night unfortunately, but now that I’ve got a bit more experience I can probably hit some open mat and just roll)


17 Dec 18

Bench Press
5x3 @ 205

Wide grip bench
2x6 @ 135, 2x4 @ 185

Pin press
205x6, 225x6, 255x4, 275x1


18 Dec 18

Power clean from floor
5x3 @ 155

Clean low pull
2x6 @ 225 with pause below knee
2x4 @ 245, no pause


Reverse hyper

Chest supported row