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Road to Ragnarok

This is my first log here on T Nation, I’ve been an avid T Nation reader and customer for the past 7-8 years though.

Background: High school Rugby player, learned the O-lifts from my coach during the off seasons. Did a lot of 5/3/1 during my last 2 years of High school.

Spent the last 6 years as an Army reservist on mostly full-time contracts. As such, my feet, knees and back are all pretty beat up. Have done a lot of CT’s programs; Built for bad/built for battle, HP Mass, Star complexes and Athlete lean/athlete strong. Also played around a lot with kettlebells and cals (Long cycle, 10,000 swings program, trying to do a planche/front lever/human flag etc)

Currently I’m only working part-time for the Army and went back to college so I can get a real job. I just started taking BJJ and Muay Thai classes, and my school has bumper plates so I can get back into Oly again. My training is influenced a lot by the content here on Tnation but programmed by myself.

Age -24
Height - 5’9
BW - 235
Trap bar dead - 405
Conventional Dead - 350
Squat - 315
Front Squat - 265
Bench - 225
Strict press - 175
Pullups - 4 (LOL)

Current goals:
Build power/power endurance for martial arts
Increase strength gainz
lose some chub

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22 Oct 2018

AM: practiced planche and pistol progressions and set a time of 1:44 for the 500m row

PM: 2 hours of BJJ ending in 8x6 minute rounds of sparring.

24 Oct 18

Quick 30 minute circuit at home of planche, handstand and pistol progressions, KB swings and chinups. Haven’t been able to hit the weights this week as I’m moving on Saturday and packing is taking up most of my time.

What do your progressions look like?

Hey man! For the planche I usually elevate my feet on a bench, or the couch when I’m at home and hold the straddle position, alternating lifting one foot into the air at a time. For handstands I’m currently just doing them against the wall and pistols I’ll either hold onto rings/TRX or just slide the lead leg along the ground for the eccentric portion.

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25 Oct 18

BJJ x 90 minutes, ended with 6x5 minute rounds of sparring, 50 seconds rest between rounds.

Gonna post this here because I’m moving tomorrow and I’ve got a feeling I won’t be able to find my training journal for at least a couple weeks lol. Here’s my current training split:

Hang Power Snatch -6x3

Sumo Deadlift - 5/4/3/2/1
+Planche progression x5 sec

Push Press - 5/4/3/2/1

  • Pullup - 5 x max


Plyo pushup - 5x2
+vertical jump - 5x2

Turkish getup - 4x1/side
+Planche progression x 5 sec

Bent press - 4x1/side
+Human flag plank x10 sec/side

Cossack squat -4x5/side
+Front lever progression x 5 sec

Pistol - 3x5/leg
+KB slasher+halo - 3x8/side

Waiter walk - 3x20m
+Lizard crawl - 3x20m
+Rack walk - 3x20m
+Bear crawl - 3x20m

Farmer’s walk - 4x20m

Hang power clean - 6x3

Trap bar dead-squat - 5/4/3/2/1
+Planche progression x 5 sec

Floor Press - 5/4/3/2/1
+BB Row -5x6

Zercher full cycle - 4x2
+KB Z press - 4x6

KB Double snatch ladder 5-1-5

Floor L-sit - 4xmax
+KB swing - 4x15

PM- BJJ x 90 minutes

Jump rope x 10mins

-250m Row
-RKC Plank x 10 sec

Battle ropes -5x60 sec

-MB power complex x3 (Slam, push press throw, overhead chuck x 5 each)
-Sandbag complex x 3 (SBGUx2/side, SB lateral throw x4/side, SB Bearhug carry x40m, SB zercher carry x40m)
-Tire drags x200m forwards, 200m backwards
-Sledgehammer tire strike Tabata
-Sledgehammer levers

Muay Thai x 90 minutes

Foam roll/Yoga x 60 minutes

(+ indicates a super set or giant set with the preceding exercises)

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29 Oct 18

Hang power snatch
3x2 @95
1x2 @105
2x2 @115

Sumo Deadlift
325xfail, my right adductor started acting up after the set of 4
+planche lean x5 sec between sets

Push Press
185x3 (PR)
205x1 (PR)
+pullup x1 between sets, super strict form just trying to grease the groove with these.

Really happy about the push press PR, not so happy with my sumo numbers but oh well!

30 Oct 18

Plyo pushup - 5x2
+vertical jump - 5x2

Turkish getup - 4x1/side @45lbs KB
+Planche progression x 5 sec

Bent press - 4x1/side @45lbs KB
+Human flag plank x10 sec/side

Cossack squat -4x5/side
+Front lever progression x 5 sec

Pistol - 3x5/leg
+KB slasher+halo - 3x8/side @45lbs KB

Waiter walk - 3x20m @ 2x45lbs KB
+Lizard crawl - 3x20m
+Rack walk - 3x20m @ 2x45lbs KB
+Bear crawl - 3x20m

Farmer’s walk - 4x20m @ 100/hand

31 Oct 18

Hang Power Clean
2x2 @95
2x2 @115

Trap bar dead-squat
+planche lean x5sec between sets

Floor press 3x5 @185
+BB Row 3x6 @185

Wasn’t feeling the 5/4/3/2/1 on the floor press after pretty much maxing out on deads. I equaled my PR of 405x1 though which is cool, especially because I felt like I probably could’ve pushed it to around 430.

Also, my school just bought a reverse hyper so I’ll be trying to integrate that into my training soon, if anyone has any suggestions on how they’d use it as an accessory movement I’d love to hear it!

2 Nov 18

Zercher full cycle

KB snatches and swings x a bunch@32kg

Row 250m
RKC plank x 10 breathes

Overslept my alarm yesterday so didn’t get to the gym in the morning, also skipped my BJJ class last night because I’m still pretty exhausted from moving this week. Too much cortisol lol. I’ll get back on track next week.

5 Nov 18

Warm up- Thoracic bridge, sit outs, shrimping and hip/shoulder mobility

Hang power snatch
3x2 @95

+planche lean x5sec between sets

Push jerk

Lat pulldown 2x8

Muay Thai x60 minutes, finished with 20 minutes of pad work


Your program is intense. Do you find you have enough time for recovery? Planned deloads?? Do you plan to compete in martial arts one day?

I have also recently just access to a reverse hyper for the first time. Ive had a bit of play on it, but haven’t worked out how I should be using it. I also have a history of lower back issues so Im been really cautious, but hoping at the same time this will help with some of my back issues. Have you had any luck with it yet?


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Hey man! Overall my recovery has been pretty solid, I take curcumin and fish oil every night and I find that helps a lot with any left over soreness. I tend to take deloads just when I feel I need them, which tends to be every month and half or two months (The army built up my tolerance for volume pretty damn well, even if it was at the expense of some of my joints lol) I definitely want to compete! I’ve only been training jits for about 5 weeks now but I think there’s a February tournament coming up at my gym, there’s also the Army Grappling championships here in Canada, not strictly jits as I could face wrestlers or judokas as well, but it would be fun too.

I actually haven’t tried it out yet, but some of the articles by Jason Brown here on T-nation are pretty informative, I think it’s supposed to help deload the spine quite a bit so hopefully it helps you out!

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6 Nov 18

Plyo pushup - 5x2
+vertical jump - 5x2
+MB slam 5x1 @20lbs

Turkish getup - 4x1/side @45lbs KB
+Planche progression x 5 sec

Bent press - 4x1/side @45lbs KB
+Human flag plank x10 sec/side

Cossack squat -4x5/side
+Front lever progression x 5 sec

Pistol - 3x5/leg
+KB slasher+halo - 3x8/side @45lbs KB

Work gym was busy so I couldn’t do my usual loaded carries and locomotion drills. Did some back bridges, sit outs and Technical getups instead, as well as some grip training (Hex DB holds and Heavy DB holds, as well as hand opens)

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7 Nov 18

Hang power clean 4x2@95
+planche lean x5sec

Front squat

Floor press
+BB Row

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8 Nov 18

Overslept my alarm this morning so no gym session today. I seem to be having pretty shitty luck with Thursday workouts lol

BJJ x90 minutes
Worked butterfly guard for most of the class then did about 6x3 minute rounds of sparring.

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9 Nov 18

Just a short one today as I had an early morning exam.

Warm up - hip mobility plus reverse hyper 2x10

Zercher full cycle
Ramped to 225x1, getting better at these

Suitcase carry 3x20m/side @32kg KB
+plate waiter walk 3x20m @55lbs plate

Decided to switch over from my own programming to something a bit more proven. I feel like my work capacity isn’t where it should be to keep doing what I’m doing. I’ll be running CT’s power look program but subbing power cleans in place of deadlifts. Also adding a lil strongman circuit at the end of the week. First session of new program is tomorrow!