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Road to Professional Soccer Career


As of now, this is gonna be my log. I will start posting tomorrow, as I have my squat and deadlift workout. Weight is 210, height 6'1''. My short term goals are a 40 inch vertical, a 2.5BW squat, 3x bodyweight deadlift, a decent power clean(currently at 265, technique sucks) and a below 11.50 100m. My long term goals are a 3x Bodyweight squat, 3.5 bodyweight deadlift, 2x bodyweight bench. Lifts as per now:

430x4 squat
have no clue about my deadlift
265x3 bench

Wish me luck!

(videos will be uploaded after every workout)


Hi little buddy,

Im theBird. Im a semi-pro soccer player. You can check out my trials and tribulations at "the bird cage".
You sound awefully strong for a soccer player. Do you do much conditioning work? How about skill work?
What position do you play? What competition are you playing in now?
Im looking foward to your videos.



Hey Birdy, I am a goalkeeper, and I am still an amateur. Hopefully summer I will turn professional, but at 18 years old, I am still young for a goalkeeper. I am currently looking for a goalkeeper training for my skill work, since my club fired the one we had 2 weeks ago, gopefully by the next I will find one.I suck at conditioning. I have exercise indused asthma and just about one month ago I started treating it. But since I dont run or anything, it doesn't bother me at all. And still I started taking my medications, I feel a lot better. At last, I can run half an hour without wanting to kill myself afterwards. But as a general rule, I avoid conditioning like the plague. I am already checking your log out, dont worry :slightly_smiling:



Today was squat day. With my lower back feeling like crap, I went to the gym for squats and some deadlifts. Deadlifts never happened, because after the squats, my lower back was not in a very good condition, so I decided to do block power clean instead. Warmed up with 5 mins on the bike, some hip mobility and some stretching. The squats went like this:


Afterwards, power cleans for blocks below knee level:


Called it a day. Soccer practice later today.


Good work kiddo.
As a goalkeeper, you dont have to worry too much about conditioning, although conditioning work will help to keep your bodyfat down and prevent you from turning into a mofo monster.
Agility and reaction time is important for you. Do you do any box jumps? How about some ladder work? Maybe even some trampoline work?

My favourite goalkeeper is Hope Solo. My friend Machy, is going to hook me up with her. :slightly_smiling:



Back again, been busy scratching my balls.

27/9 Soccer training. I went to catch a cross, someone pushed me and BOOM, shoulder popped on the spot. My really weak external rotators suck, when someone pushes me hard, they get re-injured immediately. Time to really strengthen them.

28/9 Went for a PR on the bench, 300 pounds, move about 1/3, then came down, my right shoulder couldnt keep up with the weight, on well, next time, 405 is still a long way. After that missed PR, did some light military presses, pulls ups and rows. Called it a day.

Since then, I have been sitting on my fat ass eating and laughing on comedies all day long LOL.

Bird, I dont do almost no goalkeeper specific work. Except the standards, blocking the ball on all directions, crosses,shoots and whatever, trampolines and pansy ass stuf like that have no place in my workout. I largely depend on my strength and my explosiveness and not so much on my technique. Box jumps? I did them on my off season, didnt help me. Power cleans and power snatches and speed box squats helped a lot more. Maye because my knees suck, dont know, I just cant stand box jumps. The only thing I do to help with my reaction time is facing inside the goal, coach whistles, I turn and try to save that goal. When I turn, the shot has already been made. That's all :slight_smile: Training will be continued on Monday with squats in the AM and soccer practise in the PM.


Oh, and I believe I am a genetic freak. Now, I am at 3500-4000 calories per day and remain constant at 210 pounds, single digit bodyfat. I have to a diet as high as 6000 calories per day gaining weight but remaining at single digit bodyfat. The most weight I have gained was in 3 weeks I had gained 10 pounds with, what appeared to be, no fat gain, still single digit bodyfat. Maybe I am lucky SOB :stuck_out_tongue:


your stats show that you are a strong lifter. But if you look at football players and goalkeepers they are not very strong at all really. Your stats would be good for an american football player. Spend your time on working on technical attributes and some physical attributes e.g. lower body strength, prehab, jumping etc


What do you mean by working on lower body strenth? I though squats were for that part, power cleans for the jumping part. What do you mean by prehab?
(and since Bird does this, so will I )



You're squats are strong so I think you should just maintain that.
While becoming more explosive, there is a difference between doing an explosive lift and jumping, when jumping you can't be anything but explosive. Prehab, to prevent injuries for areas that would be most likely to get injurd in football, ankles, knees, groin, hamstrings etc.
The difference between amateur players and professionals isn't squat numbers or bench press etc, it's technical attributes.

Just trying to help out not shoot you down


Dont worry, I am way past the point that people that shoot me down. And the difference that I have between me and other goalkeepers if you see me in a game, is that I am extremely explosive. My almost 33 inch vertical and 2.88 20 meter run are what me the goalkeeper I am, not my technique. My technique is not bad, but its not perfect. Besides, Schmeichel did not have that much technique, but he explosiveness and overall strenth made him the goalkeeper he was.


Today I decided to follow a 10 wekk cycle I came with. Just starting with 60% of my 1RM, and perfoming 5 set of 2 of box squats with one second on the box, with 1 minute rest between sets, increasing 5% each week, until I can't perform 5 sets of 2. After the box squats, 5 sets of 2 power snatches from blocks, without much weight, focusing on speed. So today, looked like this:

Some mobility first, some stretches and then:

Box squats

130kg(60% of 1RM)x2x5

Power snatches from blocks
60kgx2x5(too little weight, will increase it next week)

Hopefully, when I will be done with this cycle I came up with, my 40 will be at 4.6, and my vertical really close to 40 inches. Aiming really far away, but since I never have done any speed strength, hopefully I will respond well to it. Also, since my 1 hour work out before practise became something about 20 minutes, I will give my best at my soccer practise.


Hope it works out for you. Yeah Schmeichel was a very strong and explosive goalkeeper, his decision making was also top draw.

Good luck


Thank you, good luck to your endeavors too :slight_smile:



We had a match for the cup yesterday, lost 2-1 because the coach is stupid and he just won't let me play. But enough of my ranting. Feeling sick as fuck since the night before the match, and going to the match even made it worse, I decided to even push myself, and go to the gym. Yeah, I'm stupid, I know. Speed bench was the day:

77.5kgx3x5 with 3 sets on medium grip, 1 on really close grip and one on outside the rings.
100kgx1 on medium grip with pause
110kgx1 medium grip,paused
120kgx1, medium grip,paused, could have doubled it
Seated military press
These were done on a 10-15% incline approximmately, because my shoulders are kind of a mess, I believe my external rotators are way to weak or whatever. The sets went like:

40kgx10(by now the soulder pain is almost gone)
50kgx10(pain is gone)
70kgx4(after this set, my shoulder were a little stiff, nothing to much and today they are good, so I'll just keep doing something like that)

12 dips SS with 10 pull ups, and called it a day.



Dont forget to ROAR at the end of every post.



Damn, I suck at this.


8/10/2011 Speed squat day
Speed squats

Power snatches from blocks

Kneeling jump and straight jump instantly

My jumps where about 40cm with the 30 kg, so I am gonna keep that weight until I feel that I am doing it too fast.



10/10/2011 Back work

BB rows from dead stop

Kroc rows
110x25 5 reps PR since last week, my grip is coming along nicely, this set actually tired my back a bit

Cuban presses around 40 reps
Back delt 2x15

Some bicep work, 1 warmup set, 4 working sets, getting to a 5RM, then getting that 5RM again.

Not going to soccer practise today. It is raining like a motherfucker and I ain't in the mood to bathe in the field.


Not sure how much you do this in practice but footwork would be of the utmost importance . . . not just to you and your position but to all sports
Also you said that your shoulder popped or something, well with all the diving and leaping that you will be doing, if not already doing, then you should really look into strengthening your shoulders some more, i know your doing cleans and snatches but some more direct shoulder girdle work would be nice
Just my .02