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Road to Powerlifting - Bulging Disc Injury Log

About me :
2 Bulging Disc @ L4/L5 and L5/S1
Reinjured it 3 times in the last 2 years.
Age : 20 Weight: 90kg (198lbs)

Hoping to be able to increase my strength with no or minimal pain and set backs as possible.
Currently doing Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe and plan to stay on it for a while.


Squats : 3x5 @ 92.5KG(204lbs)
Overhead Press : 3x5 @ 40KG(88lbs)
Power Cleans : 5x3 @ 45KG(99lbs)

I have a buttwink problem that I’m trying to get rid of, been looking online about stretching about my hip flexors,glutes and hamstrings. If you have any suggestions/tips they are all welcomed :slight_smile:


Squats : 3x5 @ 95KG
Bench : 3x5 @ 70KG
Deadlifts : 1x5 @ 130KG

my buttwink is getting better from what i can see, wasn’t able to record my bench sets but they felt alright. A bit rounded on the deadlifts but I lifting my chest up as much as I can while trying to keep a neutral head.


Squats : 3x5 @ 97.5KG
Overhead Press : 3x5 @ 42.5KG
Power Cleans : 1x5 @ 47.5KG

Todays squats were quite tough, I felt like I wasnt hitting depth and the reps felt slow. Although looking back at the video, it didn’t look as slow as it felt and i’m pretty sure I hit depth. OHP and Cleans were fine.


Squats : 3x5 @ 100KG
Bench : 3x5 @ 72.5KG
Deadlifts : 1x5 @ 135KG

Finally 2 plate for squats, and my training partner says they looked good and fast. Bench felt very strong and no shoulder pain anymore. My deadlift however, felt a bit slow and even though I felt really tight throughout the lift, my upper back looked a bit rounded in the video. Guess i’ll try to work on it more and research on what I can do


Squats : 3x5 @ 102.5KG
Overhead Press : 3x5 @ 45KG
Power Cleans : 5x3 @ 50KG

The squat today felt really good, and looking at the video I think my wink is very minimal. Having a bit of wrist pain during overhead press, but thats probably from me having my wrist bent a bit. Cleans were fast and light, but i’ll continue linearly progressing.


Squats : 3x5 @ 105KG
Bench : 3x5 @ 75KG
Deadlifts : 1x5 @ 140KG

One of the hardest workouts I’ve done since starting. The last set of squats were better than both my first and second. The last rep on my deadlift was a bit of a grind, but I don’t think it was too bad of a pull. Bench was ok, no more shoulder pain because I’ve learnt to go on my traps instead of my back.


Haven’t been able to update my log lately due to school work and travelling. Haven’t been going to the gym alot during that time, but on this day I was able to hit a PR of 180kg. Thats a 40kg pr from the last time I went for a max.

Deadlifts worked up to 180KG x 1
Slow Tempo Deadlifts L 5x3 @ 100KG


2 Weeks out from my first novice meet.

Tweaked my disc a bit and deadlifts and squats feeling tight and slow.

Deadlift : 6x3 @ 160kg