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Road to Portland


Hopefully, this can be the official thread dedicated to pictures, stories and all that made the CT/MM Portland workshop and Pat/Ko hostel a lot of fun.

To get the ball rolling, I'll just mention that 2am takeoffs, rolling over a dead dear, lots and lots of beef and the road to 300 are just some of the topics to be covered.

I'll post more tomorrow, when I wake up eventually after getting some much needed sleep.


Well I have more than a few pics to share but I'm a bit tired right now(12 hours of travel will do that to you!).

As for adventure goes, I got grounded in my plane in Montreal for 2 hours because of the black out... They misplaced my luggage (which I only received on the 3rd day of my stay) ... When I arrived at my hotel, 2 hours late because of the delay, they had rented my room and they had no room left ... when we arrived to Jungle gym it didn't open until 10AM (when we were scheduled to start at 8AM). Fortunately, meeting everybody was more than worth it!


"These kettlebells are f***king heavy!!!"


"One of these things is not like the other,
One of these things is kinda the same..."

(you'll only get this if you watched Sesame Street as a kid)



"You want MASS???? TAKE THEE TO A BUFFET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Kato (Cockatoo) & Yoshi (African Grey)

Kato: "Who's the tall guy with corn rows?"

Yoshi: "Don't know, but he sure would make a GREAT perch!!"

Kato: "What about the one with glasses"

Yoshi: "Not sure about him either, but I think he's a tard!!!"


More to come...


I got to drive Christian Thibaudeau around all weekend.

I'm still 'glowing'. :slight_smile:


Man, I have some "stuff" to add to this.



But, I need to sleep first!


You have no idea how envious I am of you Portland fockers.

When are they coming to the midwest?!?


Things I remember from my trip to Portland...

  1. Midnight move baby... midnight move.

  2. "I'm not being arrogant, I'm working on my clean" - Christian Thibaudeau

  3. Yoshi would NOT say "tard" for me.

  4. "I'm a modern journalism major... hahahahah" - Random retardo biker guy

  5. Joel is very large and eats a myoplex every hour and washes it down with fig newtons, fruit roll-ups, and small animals if he can find them.

  6. Joel is crippled. We made fun of Joel.

  7. Norcross should have listened to me and never tried that Indo Board.

  8. (say in high pitched voice) "Tee-be-do"

  9. Christian knows his shit. His knowledge is unmatched, he is very personable and friendly, and his passion is contagious. And his french accent is awesome.

  10. Mahler is very impressive on that indo board and can eat a house, as long as its a vegetarian house. And he is brutal with those kettlebell drills.

  11. Oregon is a mathmatically challenged state and therefore has no sales tax.

  12. Oregon also believes that we humans are not capable of filling up our own gas.

  13. All of the people I met for the first time, forum members and Christian, easily surpassed my expectations. It was a great experience to get to know a little bit about everyone and talk training in person.

  14. "Scratch, scratch" - Jason Norcross and JoJo

  15. Rumbach and Ko made some awesome food.

  16. Pat and Ko are very generous people for hosting the weekend. Both can drink a lot of beer. Go figure.

I'm sure there's a lot more but that's it for now.



Let it be known, that despite the "tough guy" persona, the gigantic traps, the "beast" moniker, CT does in fact like small puppies, and so does his girlfriend. Wusses.

Even though I wasn't able to attend the workshop, it was fantastic meeting everyone on Friday night for some beer and korean beef.

And Ike, my stellar sense of direction led me to drive CT and his girl around downtown about 7 times before we found the hotel. I was shamed in my hometown. Should have brought you along.


I'm just praying you guys come back westward again someday. Christ, Portland is a short, cheap plane ride from Sacramento.


To go along with Machine's list ... here's my top 10 in no particular order.

  1. The quality, intelligence and work ethic of the peoples at the seminar gave me a new hope for the future of mankind!

  2. Introducing myself and my girlfriend as "Christian and Christiane" (which are both pronounced the same way in english) was kinda corny.

  3. Ike (who's real name is John) having a truck with a license plate to his name is even cornier!

  4. Machine's own personal war with Swiss balls.

  5. It was almost like a "celebrity lookalike reunion", me as Vin Diesel, Ko as Keanu Reaves, Patricia as Wonder Woman and Mike Mahler as the mean drill instructor from "Full Metal Jacket"!

  6. Huge Joel being reduced to using 32lbs kettlebells because of his back injury :slight_smile:

  7. Mike's brand new balance drill: drinking a few beer while on the indoboard (yes, I do have pictures).

  8. "I'm not being arrogant, I'm practicing my clean" ... A comment I made explaining the correct posture when doing a clean. Shoulders back, chest out, lower back arched. Basically what I call the "beach position" ... so if you see me in a bar with my chest pushed out I'm not being arrogant, I'm practicing my clean!

  9. Midnight move baby! An expression used by both Mike and I (although Mike used "Midnight special") to explain the hip "whip forward" during the explosion phase of the olympic lifts and some kettlebell lifts. Incidently, that's why olympic lifters and kettlebell experts make the best lovers.

  10. Everybody comming up with fantastic exercises during one of my session (teamed up 2 by 2 they had to come up with 3 exercises). Some of which I will obviously rip off :slight_smile:


Gotta love this post, and me the mean instructor from Full Metal Jacket? Sounds good to me :wink:

and yes, those kettlebells are fucking heavy. Especially with a beer in one hand on an indoboard :wink:



I have pictures, but I lost my camera somewhere along the way...hopefully it will turn up. And if someone stole it, I will kill them.


Mike, I think I might even be able to produce evidence of you with a hard lemonade on an indo board with a kettle.

Unfortunately, the pictures of CT with a wine cooler on a lifting platform with a barbell didn't come out very well.


Damn, I missed all the fun ;(.


Awright...I'm praying that Joel gets his camera back.

Machine: I told you that "I'm a modern journalism major" would be the ONE thing you took back with you on this trip. Whatta way to remember Portland, eh?

I also have to admit here that after receiving Christian's message on our answering machine, everyone had to listen to it.

It was Grand Central at our home, that's for sure. Highlight is when Ko would ask the name of whomever was calling and then ask, "uh, what's your forum name?"

Yoshi calling Jason, " 'tard". That was pretty funny.

Walking back home from breakfast Sunday morning, we "stumbled" upon a scale (yes, a scale) next to the sidewalk. Joel and Jaytruly just HAD to stop and weigh themselves. According to Jaytruly, it was about 5lbs. off :wink:

Going to the gym (where Ko and I usually train), w/Machine, Jaytruly, Joel, Jason and Kong. And actually watching someone curl in the squat rack and squat in the Smith Machine.

Best show: Joel's attempts on putting on his socks and shoes. Hmmm, but trying to teach him how to use chopsticks is a close second.

Watching Mike EAT. Good Lord. Heh, and I think it was Mike, Ko and I that finished off three pitchers of beer. And Jason actually drank two glasses of beer!!!! Jason..da man!

"Fantastic", besides "Midnight Moves" and "Beach Position", THIS was Christian's favorite word. I can't get it out of my head now. Dammit. Fantastic.

"Give me 25 Pushups!!!" - THIS needs NO explanation.

That's all I can add as of right now. I've got pics, but will be posting them later.


What a great thread! Sounds like you guys had a GREAT time! Thanks for sharing the pics. Put up more!

Joel, I hope you find your camera!!