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Road to Jacked and Pasty


Well i'm starting a new log today I've been at the tail end of my leaning process with Shelby Starnes i've gone from 215 to 182-183. Lately I've been hovering about 185-188 depending on the day. I think in the next couple days i'll be officially starting my bulking diet, pretty excited to start adding some lbs, and increasing my strength.

I'll be posting pictures tomorrow


link to old log



standing bb military press 45x15, 65x15, 85x15, 105x10, 125x3x10
free motion shoulder press- worked up to 100x2x10
Nautilus shoulder press- 90x15, 140x12, 160x10, 180x8
smith upright rows ss w/ db lr- did 3 sets




I'll be hitting back/legs/cardio in a few. Netflix just added the Wonder Years to instant viewing so pretty much the last 36 hrs I haven't accomplished much.


deads- worked up to 415x2x1- tried 465 couldn't break it off the ground. In contrast when I was 225 i was pulling 495x1

rack pulls- worked up to 315x5
kayak rows- 3-4 sets
free motion rows- 4 sets
seated ham curls- 3-4 sets
kneeling leg curls- 2 sets


did chest/50 mins fmc last night- nothing to write home about


last night shoulders/tri's

smith seated military- 4-5 sets of 12
db lat raise- 3 sets of 20
smith upright rows- 4 sets of 12
pin shoulder press- 2 sets of 20
cb incline french press- 2 sets of 10 * bothered my elbow
did some random rope pd/pin dips/etc

tonight- back/bi/hams/fmc!!!


deads worked up to 415x2
rdls- did 225x3x8
free motion 1 arm rows- 3-4 sets- dc stretching
kayak rows- 3-4 sets
1 arm rows- 2 sets- dc stretching
pin wheel curls 45x3x8
prechers 4x15
20 mins stair climber
10 mins fmc
thanks all she wrote


chest/fmc/light quads

free motion flies- 5 sets
smith incline 4 sets then dc stretches
db incline flies 3 sets
hs decline ss w/ pec flies 3 sets
did about 5 sets of leg extensions
25 mins fmc

cut the quads very short coming back tonight to do a regular leg workout


Holy soreness! After my workout I got a deep tissue massage got home and took a nap. Woke up and my back/chest/hams/abs are sore as hell! Taking the night off, going to get some Sonoran hot dogs, then bowling!



standing military- worked up to 115x3x8
free motion press- worked up to 100x2x10
smith shoulder press- worked up to 125x3x8 ss each set with 10 lb lr as many as possible
did some random calf raises
20 mins fmc

coming back tonight for arms/fmc/abs


Why are you doing 3 shoulder exercises that work the same exact muscle. talk about over training. Why not do the military press, with some side laterals and rear laterals. side laterals work the side head 100x better than upright rows do. not to mention many "experts" say the upright row is not a good idea for shoulder health.


To be honest, I don't have a good reason for it. I used to 2 presses first one used mainly as a warm up, then side lat/rear lat. But it just so happens the last couple weeks I've been screwing around with other things with shoulders. Never tried upright rows until 2 weeks ago.


2nd workout

just did 30 mins stair climber and 10 mins treadmill cool down


gun show and 20 mins fmc

feeling good, trying to stick with these early morning workouts.


looking quite a bit leaner in that last pic. good job man. are you in gaining mode or still trying to drop more BF?


Shelby has me in a leaning mode for a couple more lbs, going to start his "lean gain" phase i think it 2-3 weeks?


did a short full body workout

incline bench 5x12-15
db lr 5x12-15
kayak rows 4x12
squats 5x10
seated calf 5x10
15 mins fmc
random abs

done in 45 mins


fighting off allergies/cold/aids not sure what it is, slept for most of the past 48 hrs.

About to kill it (hopefully) on back/deads/bi/fmc!

planning on doing a double session later tonight.