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Road to Getting Jacked

Haven’t posted on here in forever, thought i might aswell make a new training log. Some quick stats:

Squat (high bar, no wraps) - 250kg
Deadlift - 280kg
Bench press - 160kg
push press - around 130kg
log press - 120kg (did this ages ago so probably stronger now)

Bodyweight is around 115-120kg (yes im fat)

Numbers are probably going to start flying through the roof soon as in about 3 weeks time im about to start taking some additional supplements for the first time (wink wink).


Felt alright today, still feel kind of shit after attempting a ketogenic diet last week lol.

Squats (high bar)
60kg for a few warm up sets
100kg x 3
140kg x 3
160kg x 3
180kg x 2
200kg x 10 (matched my rep PR on this weight, only just getting back into high rep ranges on squats so not a bad start)

3 second pause squats (no sleeves or belt on this)
140kg for 2 sets of 5

Romanian deadlifts (doing these the way george leeman does them, so no locking out or touching the weight on the floor)
100kg x 10
140kg x 10
160kg x 8 or 9 i think

Leg press
up to 450kg for a set of 12

Leg curls supersetted with calf raises for 5 sets of each to finish.
Here’s the vid of the 200kg for 10 reps


Wide grip bench (trying a really wide grip to hopefully build a bigger chest)
60kg x 30 reps
80kg x 12 reps
100kg x 12 reps
110kg x 6 reps (dropset) 80kg x rep out

Wide grip incline bench
60kg x 10 reps
80kg x 6 reps
100kg x 6 reps (dropset) 60kg x rep out

4 sets of DB flyes

4 sets of cable flyes

Tricep pushdown up to a set of 90kg with a dropset

Skullcrushers 3 sets with 40kg bar

Single arm DB extensions with 17.5kg for max reps


Some hip mobility drills to warmup


up to a top set of 220kg for 5 reps missing the 6th due to grip (only just getting back into heavy conventional deadlifts after working on my form for ages)

Hammer strength shrugs 4 sets

Behind the head pulldowns 4 sets

T bar rows 3 sets

Incline DB curls 4 sets

Hammer curls 4 sets


Seated Military Press
up to a top set of 100kg x 4 reps with a drop set to 60kg

DB shoulder press
40kg x 7 reps
40kg x 5 reps into 30kg x max reps into 25kg x max reps

Behind the head military press
4 sets of 50kg x 12 reps

4 or 5 sets of front raises with a 20kg plate into 12.5kg DB’s

4 sets of cable side raises supersetted with face pulls

Not bad for today considering i only ate a banana :stuck_out_tongue:


top set 205kg x 9 reps (really pissed off about this because i had more in me…)

3 second pause squats (no belt or sleeves)
2 sets of 5 with 145kg

Romanian Deadlift
160 x 9 top set

Leg press (had my stance really wide and went really deep with each rep to focus a bit more on the hams)
up to 300kg for 15 reps i think

Leg curls supersetted with calve raises for 4 sets i think


Wide grip bench
top sets 100kg x 13 reps and 110kg for 8 reps

Than bunch of incline stuff and tricep pushdowns


Didn’t do any deadlifts due to a trapped nerve in my neck, so just ended up doing 5 or 6 rowing exercises


Seated shoulder press
100kg x 5 reps (got a spot on the last rep)
80kg x rep out (dropset) 60kg x rep out

Behind the head shoulder press
55kg x 4 sets of 10-12 reps

Hammer Strength shrugs
up to 250kg for max reps with a strip set down to 50kg

Arnold press
3 sets of 30kg with a drop set at the end

Side cable raises supersetted with face pulls for 3 sets

5ish minutes of sprints to finish.


240kg x 4 reps
220kg x 4 reps
210kg x 4 reps

Walking lunges with 40kg DB’s for 4 sets

4 sets of leg curls


Wide grip bench press with no leg drive
137.5kg for 3 sets of 3 reps
137.5kg x 4 reps

Then a bunch of accessory work


Deadlifts (no belt)
6 sets of 3 on 200kg trying to work on technique

went home to rest/eat after that as i felt like shit than came in at like 9pm to do some back work


Behind the head shoulder press on smith machine (really like these atm)
5 sets on 90kg for 6-8 reps

DB shoulder press
up to 50kg for a set of 6

3 sets of side laterals

3 sets of face pulls