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Road to Drug Tested Nationals

Starting a new training log here

Last training log:

32 Years Old
5’8, 205lbs

Gym Prs (as of Oct 2019)
395 (Sleeves), 425x2 (Wraps)
285 (Touch and Go), 275x2 (Pause)
435x2 (With Straps), 445 blockpull

Meet PRs (as of oct 2019)
402 (Sleeves), 425 (Wraps)

Targets by EOY:
500 in Wraps
300 Bench
500 Deadlift
(Lets see how close I can get - been chasing these for a while)

Nothing really interesting this hypertrophy block, but using this space for accountability and tracking on my off program stuff


Still at it. My main lifts are Stop and go Sumo Deadlift, High Bar Squat, Feet Up bench, and OHP
Getting some pre-exhaust work before these which is nice

Adding in conditioning, but I’ve been doing these the next day that they’re programmed since I used a different gym for it. The turf/sled at my wifes gym is nice, but I went to my other gym here and it was dumb. Too much drag and it feels like the sled will tip over.

Do you have the rest of the year planned out for programming?
You have a next meet planned or hoping to hit these goals as your new gym PRs?

Either gym or meet for these PRs. Most likely in meet because I don’t really max out in training (which is one my criticisms for my coach).

I get my program updated per week, but my coach has a schedule of rep ranges and stuff, but wasn’t updated yet. Currently on a hypertrophy block, but since the meet is in Sept I’ll probably go straight into meet prep for real.

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Loose check in

Same hypertrophy stuff, did some “stone” carries the other day with some bumpers on a loading pin.

Damn haven’t been updating

But some recent milestones:

370x2 Pause Squat in Training Wraps
My rationale: I’m still training how to stay tight when I go down under a heavier weight that I’m doing in my reps, but I’m still getting the help from my wraps (def getting a spring)

255x3 in Feet up bench - felt great lately. Almost coming close to my 1RM
255x2 Long pause - jumped the fun a few times but did this for 4 sets

Nothing too crazy on deadlifts or block pulls yet, or rep squats.

Embarassingly fell back on 345x4 because i misgrooved on wraps!

Good luck on this goal. I am right there with you. That 500 pound squat feels like an eternity away lol

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Man, I barely hit 405.
I hit 402 in sleeves, and then did my next meet in wraps with a 418. I got 445 up, but got red lighted for downward movement so I’ll call it a gym PR haha.

Really hoping I can even get CLOSE to

Also no more off-program stuff for now

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Ive only dabbled in wraps. My best in sleeves is 410 about 4 months ago. Id bet im good for 420-430 in sleeves as of now. Self wrapping and the extra time it takes to train in wraps is what keeps holding me back from goin that route.

Yeah its rough. I count rolling/wrapping as cardio. Almost nobody else at my gym wraps, so I have to self-wrap in training and even at my meet. The only guy at my gym who does wrap cant wrap others.

My coach has me doing 8x4 of squats - with the last 3 sets being in wraps. Takes forever

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I bet lol… self wrapping at a meet would be rough. Id be concerned with it affecting grip on the deadlift

Oh yeah, I didnt even think of that. Didnt affect me. My strapped max and my comp max are the same. My issue was that I ahd no downtime in my flight. Basically wrapping as platform’s ready, squatting, getting off, unraveling, waiting for 2-3 out to wrap again only to be rushing all over again. So worried about dropping my wraps while wrapping. Might get a backup pair

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Some new odd-lift PRs:
Feet up bench - 260x3
Snatch Grip deadlift - 290x5 for a few sets

Shooting for a 405x2 pause in wraps

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Just checked my scale for a bodyweight PR - 206lbs. But this also means I’ll have to cut

I’ve always practiced weight cuts before when I was a smaller 198, weighing at alike 189-193 through a short/casual water cut and then go heavy on carbs, water, and salt after I make weight.

So maybe after a few meets of doing it, I’ll be set.

Also as contingency, I’m doing a loose carb cycling and just not eating carbs on my non-training days.

My dumb ass carbed down for 2 days and out of nowhere I dropped 10lbs to be 196 yesterday. So at least I know my weight cut wont be hard once I cut out sodium and carbs.

Feelin good overall. After my deload, hit some easy squats at 375 for a triple, so kept the weight for 4s (for what was meant to be back off sets) because it was easy. But did block pulls later and it wrecked me. Got up 420x2, but couldnt get my back off sets at 405 (missed 2 out of 3 reps), or 395 (couldnt get it at all). Most likely spinal position and/or fatigue from squats.

400x3 because of a misload on my squats, which turned out to be a PR
DIalled back on Block Pulls at 400 and 375 this time around

Deadlift is poverty as hell. 405x2 moved a hell of a lot easier than my block pulls at 400. Pause squats felt easy at 375. Running into some shoulder pains, but I think some massage might help. Usually boomsticking it in the beginning of my sessions

Had mishap a while back at the gym.

Hit 415x2 no problem, then had a 3x3 back off at 385. Tweaked my back and my whole left glute/lat/everything locked up. Had to call my session because walking out 145 felt rough.

Got some massage and chiropractor and really evaluated how I felt. Talked to my physical therapist who advised me to wait a few days

Got some bench in on the Thursday after my massage (and before Chiro), and felt great. 270x2 for an easy crisp double.

Gym was closed, and I didnt wanna lift the day of my adjustment, so I got a few extra days to rest. And it was great! 420x2 on squat, with 390 3x3 back offs, then 435 blockpull with 405x2 backoffs.

Recovered like wolverine since then!

Big lifts:
420x2 on Squat, 425x2 the week after. Kept all my back offs light, usually 3x3 or 2x3 at 93% of my top set (prescribed 93-95%), ended with 445x1 off blocks
270x2, 275x2 on bench
425x2, 435x2 on Deadlift. Positioning and bracing feels great. Noticing slight physique changes too: